Jingshang pure ceramic health pot: family sitting, lights amiable

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Bazaar long lane, gather up is fireworks, spread out is the world!The Spring Festival, thousands of lights, someone window pacing, waiting for the knock on the door, to welcome people;Some people New Year, heart mixed feelings, no need to say more, family a “happy New Year” is enough.I do not know when to start, from the moment to open the door to go home for stability, is the meaning of the Chinese New Year, the most happy Spring Festival, eat the most ceremonial sense and taste of the New Year’s Eve dinner, the family dinner on New Year’s Eve night commonly known as the New Year’s Eve dinner, also called the reunion dinner, Jingshang pure ceramic health pot to do delicious dinner is too suitable!”One night even two years old, five watches two years.”The night here is what the Chinese call New Year’s Eve.In “Tokyo Dream Hualu” tenth volume “New Year’s Eve” record: “the ordinary home, around the furnace group, Dan not sleep, that shousui.”Later, shou sui became a convention in China’s New Year’s eve, and lasted till now, stay up late, to eat food is a basic respect for the New Year’s eve, New Year’s day is the most important holiday of the year, not only to the past a period of one year is also a vision of a New Year, hope that in 2022, we are rich, the leisure, interesting, YouPan, delicious not fat,Even if it is fat three catty every festival, is also happy fat, all the year round, only the New Year is the most happy and most looking forward to, take good use of Jingshang pure ceramic health pot to eat food, over the New Year!Family reunion dinner is one of the traditional Chinese Spring Festival custom, also called family reunion dinner, family reunion dinner, especially late on New Year’s eve family dinner, spend the New Year, and Chinese people but also have a special liking for fish, every year there are more fish with a “more than” year after year, is the traditional Chinese auspicious blessings one of the most representative languages, as a result, thousands of eve of necessary a dish must have fish dishes,Made of Beijing is pure ceramic curing pot the creative characters of the eve of the creative dishes – tomato red fish is the best, which is the most delicious, but also has a meaning auspicious and prosperous New Year, year after year, its modelling is beautiful, but because of the head tail to look like a complete, with Beijing is pure ceramic curing pot boiled out the soup red moral thriving, appearance, the level of high and delicate flavor type,New Year’s Eve dinner must be a big meal!There are rich, rich flowers, four happy balls, braised prawns, crispy scallops, Buddha jump wall, chicken pot wings, roast pigs and so on, really countless ~ delicious ~ are the classic delicious dinner, and these are also because of jingshang pure ceramic health pot and better color, taste and taste, there is a different sense of ceremony!A room for the New Year, but I wish, pay tribute to the long journey, hail passing clouds, days often new, time, heart, and all things hin, at the age of peace, we want to also is such a ceremony, because only in this way can we give a person a sense of security, the sense of ritual of festival open years, shine continuously, Beijing is pure ceramic curing pot to the eve of the red thriving fable!