Micro Headline Poetry Column (31)

2022-06-24 0 By

“Stone” in a hide into my life you are alive and kicking rocks often faint – torture me you like my past life lover I don’t know when to hide in my life in great fanfare – children always drag me tired out you often declared the rights and interests of life to me make me – pain struggle for many years and you always so poor life how useless me wrapped around youStone mountains meet herb tea nook it is I and you break – the most powerful weapon “chief car audi jovian two words greatly slightly if you write the two words – 局座 frighten dead many people a deputy director is bullish on the day if the vice mayor also won’t let you – sorrow heartbroken if meet with vice governor that don’t like on ant died – don’t let you quiet air of the nightEvening wind night wind – cool Pierce the heart. Eyes. fall on the cold street leaving a string of tread hurt imprint in the dark night towards the bright road why is always so long – and long.Writing poetry for nearly 30 years, engaged in the reporter and editor work in a number of media, published many poems and essays, but never published a collection of poems, nor falsely claimed any poet, writer, just want to use the language of poetry, reflect their own suffering life;With the point of the pen, insight into their own experience of life.