Reclamation: a village, force to break stereotypes for the cemetery “thin”!This approach is too appropriate

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More than 2,000 mini cemeteries have been built on 30 mu of wasteland, each of which covers an area of 0.8 square meters. The utilization rate of land has been increased by 16 times…Recently, kenli street left a village force to break the old rules, for the cemetery “thin” practice, leading the new fashion of rural funeral.”In the past, the cemetery in our village occupied about 500 mu, which was a serious waste of land.”Kenli street left a village party branch secretary, village committee director Left chuliang said.In order to improve the waste of land in the original cemetery, Zuoyi village planned to build a rural cemetery in March this year. So far, more than 700 tombs have been built, and the rest of the tombs, roads and green facilities are expected to be completed by October this year.”According to our local customs, after the death of the elderly, we have to cultivate ‘tombs’. The bigger the tombs are, the more prosperous the population will be. If there are conditions, families will erect monuments and build tombs, which will occupy a large area of farmland.Ma Xiuting, a villager in Zuoyi village, agrees with the construction of cemeteries. The construction of rural cemeteries not only protects the ecological environment, but also helps to promote the transformation of funeral customs and promote new customs of civilized sacrifice.Not only has the cemetery been slimmed down, but also the village, which has won the honor of “National Civilized villages and towns”, has taken the lead in the reform of funeral and burial and the construction of local customs and civilization.The villager Cui Shishan is a member of the Red and white Council, “the biggest change in the ans village these years is the funeral Jane do, do the funeral to take 3 days before, now 1 day to complete.With the voluntary help of the Red and White Council, the cost of meals has also been reduced.It is understood that the Red and White Council of Zuoyi Village was established in 2011, with six highly respected villagers as directors.When there is a red or white matter, the board of directors takes the initiative to help manage it without making a fuss, reducing a series of procedures and unnecessary consumption.Zuo Chuanliang told reporters that as early as the 1990s, left a village will be simple red and white things into the village rules and regulations, adhere to the thick and thin burial.With the continuous improvement of village rules and regulations, the funeral arrangements are now made more detailed explanation, and the formulation of “red and white Council work duties” and “funeral Jane do wedding new standards”, combined with the selection of civilized households, received a good effect.”This year, Zuoyi village will further promote the work of changing customs and customs through the construction of a cemetery, so that the local customs and people really beautiful.”Zuo Chuliang said firmly.Source/Kenley Street Office