“City of Light” : Xu Weizhou, Jing Tian two super sweet, sensational but not greasy

2022-06-25 0 By

Jing Tian, Xu Weizhou, Jing Chao and Xing Jiadong lead the modern legendary drama “City of Light” is being broadcast on Tencent Video.Now it has been broadcast for the most part, but for some reason, the film is not very popular.Both the plot and the actors are as good as those of the same period.Drama Xu Weizhou deep feeling is not greasy, king sweet temperament, dignified atmosphere.And the two in the play is really too sweet, have to say “City of Time” is too will!Pictures from the network from the latest plot, two people in the train before the mutual intention, to the train could not resist, directly to a long kiss, after two kinds of intimacy, the man also act like a woman + domineer asked the woman from now on every day to kiss him 10 times, and can only like him a person, only think he is the world’s most handsome man.Xu Weizhou really too clean, this kind of words was he said only see deep feeling see greasy ah!Then when they returned home, the man told the woman that he still needed three kisses. After that, they kissed in a circle and went to bed with each other, directly having the closest contact.On top of that, the next day, he was in the bathtub while she washed his hair, and they started living together.Two too sweet bar, look at the girl heart burst!Really is more and more look good, good head!Are you guys following City of Lumens?Did they sweeten it?