Drop into the extra division!With a super Three, why did the Nets fall so far

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Last season, with the “Durant and Irving” core of the championship, the Nets management also acquired Harden in a multi-party trade.And with “Durant + Irving + Harden” as the absolute core, the successful formation of the post-Warriors era, the league’s most luxurious championship team.The Nets were certainly dominant last season, especially after finishing second in the Eastern Conference during the regular season with Kevin Durant sidelined for a long time and Kyrie Irving missing games at times.If harden and Irving hadn’t gotten injured in the second round of the playoffs, the Nets would have beaten the Bucks and won the championship.It is precisely because of the overall strength of the Nets last season + the chemistry between the big three, so when the new season still retain the “Durant + Harden + Irving” super trio;Neither the rise of the Bucks nor the rise of the Warriors nor the lakers’ equally luxurious big three have moved the Lullabies from their “most likely to win” status in people’s minds.8 in a row!Since the start of the new season, Harden has been weakened by injuries and new rules, while Irving has missed most of the games because he refused to get vaccinated.Nevertheless, the Nets, led by Kevin Durant, did not fall down like the Western Lakers, and even beat the eastern teams in the middle of the season to take the first place in the East.It was expected that the New season under durant’s power, the Nets will firmly occupy the top three positions in the Eastern Conference.Unfortunately, the much-relied Durant is still injured…With Durant sidelined, there’s only one way the Nets can win — relying as much on Harden and Irving as they did during the regular season.But harden’s overall slump, Irving’s inability to play at home and harden’s absence for several games didn’t help the Nets maintain their record this year.The Nets lost to Minnesota, Los Angeles, Denver (twice), Golden State, Phoenix, Sacramento and Utah for the eighth straight loss.This eight-game losing streak sent the Nets into the additional season (29-24 + seventh in the Eastern Conference).No one could have imagined such a result before the start of the season or at the beginning of the season.After all, the Nets have a big three, and they’re not going to be left without a star…So, with a big three, how did the Nets get this far?1, paper paste general defense, resulting in nets difficult to win.Durant has even put up impressive numbers in the last two seasons, despite coming back from a ruptured Achilles tendon.But because of the decline in athleticism and fitness, Durant can no longer play the same defensive intensity he used to play in golden State.In addition, Harden’s “eye defense” has become his trademark, and Irving’s limited physical talents have made it difficult to provide quality defense.So since the big three joined forces with Nash, the outside world has known that the Nets are a strong defense team.Since the start of the season, the Nets’ overall defensive rating is 111, 19th in the league.In the absence of Kevin Durant and Paul Millsap, the Nets’ defensive rating during their eight-game losing streak was 121.9.For comparison, the only team with worse defensive performance during this stretch is the Rockets in the lottery…It is because of the overall poor defensive performance of the Nets that they have lost games to the Timberwolves, Warriors, Nuggets and others.Otherwise, with their heritage and offensive firepower, they wouldn’t have lost eight games in a row and fallen into the second division.The lineup is not complete, the nets have been unable to play out.When the Nets assembled their big three last season, it was clear that their strength lay entirely in their efficient offensive firepower.After all, Durant and Harden are both super scorers with 30+ points and scoring titles.While Irving did not have hard honor, but his ability to score singles, but is also a superstar in the top presence.So normally, as long as the Nets’ big three play their game offensively, they won’t be far away.But during the nets’ recent eight-game losing streak, their roster was incomplete.New signing Paul Millsap has been sidelined for more than half a month and Joe Harris has been out since November 15.What’s more, durant missed all of his games, Harden missed half of them, and Irving missed 25 percent of his games during the eight-game losing streak.Especially during the eight-game losing streak, there were only three games in which both giants were on the court.It is also because of the lack of most of the game Harden, Durant such a super scorer, resulting in the Nets can not play their own offensive advantages, unable to play at full strength.The Nets did not create a qualified tactical system.The lakers’ success in winning the NBA championship over Portland, Houston, Denver and Miami in the last 20 years wasn’t just due to the success of the Jaymee team.More importantly, Vogel developed a system of excellent defense and offense based on the technical characteristics of James and Eyebrows and improved the overall strength of the team.Otherwise, the lakers would never have won the championship without the help of their teammates, no matter how good James and Davis were at the time.Even with the warriors’ overall performance this season, Curry’s play isn’t the root cause of their top record.The reason they’re back in the top three in the West is because wiggins, Poole, Kuminga and others have played in Kerr’s system.So even when Curry is off his game, the Warriors can win.Now the Nets, under Nash, have no system at all.Their game plan is to play either the Big Three or Thomas, and everything seems to be built on their star’s ability to play individually.So when the big three are absent in turn, the Nets not only lack of defensive intensity, but also do not play the offensive firepower that should be.So in the end, the lack of defensive intensity, offense and take advantage of the situation, the Nets ushered in an eight-game losing streak.And if Nash was as focused on developing role players as Kerr was, it’s unlikely that someone like Poole would have played as well if they had just improved their role players tactically in the absence of the Big Three.All that said, it’s no surprise that the Nets, with their incomplete roster, inadequate defensive intensity, inadequate playbook and over-reliance on the ability of the big three, have been relegated to the supplemental division in the absence of the big three.