For who?Simmons, Wall didn’t play a single game and got the All-Star vote

2022-06-25 0 By

For who?Sixers Ben Simmons and Rockets John Wall, who haven’t played a game so far this season, were voted for the All-Star game.NBA All-star game voting has three channels, respectively fan votes accounted for 50%, the heaviest proportion, media, current players each accounted for 25% of the votes, after weighting, to decide the starters, today the league also announced the east and west starting list, and revealed the results of each player votes.What caused hot discussion was that Simmons and Wall, who have not played this season, got 2 votes and 1 vote respectively, which made many fans shout on the Internet: “They should vote for each other”, “who wants to vote for Simmons but myself” and “what a joke”.StatMuse stats also show that both have played 0 minutes this season, so the player vote shouldn’t be taken too seriously.Simmons asked for a trade in the offseason, and citing psychological issues, staged a boycott farce, this season has not played;Wall also wanted to leave the rockets and reached an agreement with the team before the season that he would not represent the team until a new owner was found.