Star “society dead” black according to, if the whole network one key amnesia, stars most want to delete these black history

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Although celebrities are always seen as smart and decent, and are adored by millions of fans, almost every one of them has some embarrassing photos circulating online.Some of the “original” period of the original ecological appearance, some in the small transparent period of the rustic temperament, some of the ugly photos were captured.Although each has its own ugly method, but they want to delete the idea of the whole network is consistent.But the Internet has a memory, and every once in a while celebrities are pulled out for a spin.When it comes to changing heads, Yang Ying must be on the list.Now she has changed into Nuhuru Yang Ying, an “angel girl” with perfect looks.But before her debut, she was bucktooth + sausage mouth, eyes are also quite wide, features are far from so delicate now.Yang ying only admitted that she had had her teeth fixed, and publicly had her teeth checked by a plastic surgeon in order to prove that she had not had plastic surgery.Someone on the show has studied how her lips were thinned and evolved into smiling lips through dental work, but it remains a mystery.Have to say That Yang Ying online, more than ten years in the past, rarely see her collapse of the time, the appearance level has been able to play, so become a plastic template.Yang Mi also did not admit that she had undergone surgery, but only achieved beauty through full teeth. Yang Mi realized the change from Chinese square face to oval face through tooth extraction.Yang Mi’s bottom or very good, especially those clever eyes, the fly in the ointment is her cheek too big.Yang Mi in the early years in the small transparent period of the shampoo advertisement was turned out, this death shooting Angle + Yang Mi’s original ecology, the net friend called this is not “tender cattle five fang”.She and Yao Qianyu take “live with a smile”, in the play her face with bangs, the whole head looks square, and next to the face of Yao Qianyu formed a sharp contrast (Yao Qianyu now also whole mother do not recognize).To the “Beijing Love Story” period, Yang Mi’s rugged facial contour, with the play of the oval face tong Liya, Zhang Xin Yi hang, if Yang Mi is the play is indeed difficult to become a female top flow.These advertisements and movies and TV series have also become the “iron proof” that Yang Mi has been hotly discussed plastic surgery.By the time of Xianjian III and Palace, Yang mi had been transformed into a smooth oval face and rose to the top of the list.Perhaps it is the red spirit to raise a person, perhaps it is the confidence that appearance brings, since then big power power has always been strong, radiant, from the TV drama three times outside into a big heroine, from the actor to the boss.The photo ju Jingyi wants to delete most is one she took when she participated in the talent show.At that time, her skin was dark, her face was puffy, her eyes were drooping, and her eyes were dull and rustic. She really was an ordinary person.Today, she has transformed from a passer-by into an atmospheric beauty, and her semi-permanent look has inspired many beauty bloggers.It’s hard not to be awestruck by her and her team, so it’s no wonder there’s always talk of other celebrity studios trying to poached her stylist.Seriously, ju sister is so bad now, might as well share her makeup tutorial, maybe can reverse the word of mouth.A lot of actors move their faces to look good on camera, but it’s hard to understand why singers move their faces.Hua Chenyu, for example, changed her round face into a V-shaped one and is now a completely different person.It looks a little like old times.Shang wenjie started her career with a androgynous style and looked like A Korean actor, Ju Ji-hoon.Now Shang Wenjie plastic surgery has been completely unable to see the original appearance, and even a little like women’s big man.While good looks may attract more fans, it’s the artist’s work that really attracts fans.It was enough to be pretty, but the result was not pretty. Now I can remember the appearance, but not the works.The local taste group all said that each era has its own aesthetic, and what looks fashionable now may still be ridiculed as old-fashioned and outdated in a few years.So this part of the focus of ridicule is the star installed and temperament soil.Zhao Liying was once called “tu Li”, and was ridiculed by netizens for being very local in aesthetic and temperament. In fact, zhao Liying had a strong local wind when she started out.Before Zhao Liying round head round face, dark skin, like not completely long, temperament is also very servant girl, in the “lock in autumn” she played an Yixuan brought gas servant girl, appearance temperament was an Yixuan hanging.Hair clipper blow afro, smoky eye, nose stud, as a little girl in Dream.But win in Zhao Liying acting excellent, plus I also really hard, “Legend of Lu Zhen” “Chinese Fir to eat” “The Journey of Flower” several explosion drama with fire she.Also as said in front of the red spirit, as the “85 flower” acting leader, Zhao Liying temperament has a lot of promotion than before, but is still ridiculed fashion expression is too poor.Also rustic is Shayna.Xie Na said in the program before, not famous before she played the role of the servant girl, looked at her photos before, said the servant girl really not.Because she is really rustic, Shayna has a stuffed face, small eyes and is not very tall and good-looking.The other actress in the picture below is not very beautiful, but it is clear who is the maid and who is the maid.”Nine younger sister” MV is also soil is a long story, very horse lanpo sister temperament.Even better than Nine Girls is this one, which is probably the picture she most wants to delete.Shayna is so much better than she used to be.Guan Xiaotong was made fun of soil is not a day or two, obviously the figure is very good, but is to wear what are very soil, the others are to foster strengths and avoid weaknesses, she is Yang short avoid long.But if guan wants to delete the most, it’s probably You XX.The first time I saw it, I thought it was a spoof, so local song, so hot eye MV, I did not think it was Guan Xiaotong himself.But recently, her team should have listened to the opinions of netizens. They chose the right shape and wore the right clothes. They are tall and long and look good if they play to their strengths and avoid their weaknesses.Living in the spotlight, it is inevitable that stars do not do a good job in facial expression management, or not in a good state. The pictures captured are very funny.Lady Zhang has always been full of domineer, occasionally naughty to spit out a tongue unexpectedly extended too long, net friends call “White Snake” is not you play I do not see.Ruby Lin is not in good condition + death light, do not know that it is “the capital 81” shooting scene.I don’t know what Huo Siyan saw so scared.In the early days, Jolin really liked to grin and show her gums, but later adjusted her smile to be more reserved.Wang Yuan was practicing the Monkey King stick and hit himself. It was a real pain.Huang Xiaoming sings too ugly, Liu Ye listened to all straight frown.Yao Chen in an interview, a face intoxicated smile, big mouth attention.04, install X failure group there are some stars always want to install X to concave people, the results were net friends hit face, really is to see people embarrassed and funny.Xue Zhiqian in the baby was born, drying a photo of three fingers connected, was lilac doctor pointed out that the newborn baby fingers can not open, do not recommend parents hard.Wang Luodan played skateboard at the airport, was ridiculed by netizens posing for excessive traces, really unnecessary.Netizens are kua Lin Zhiying is not old god, and then he really claimed to organize a team to study himself, the results of course can be imagined is ridiculed by netizens.Jin Dong’s dramas in recent years are all elite and veteran cadres, and what they have in common is that they are very cultured.Jin Dong wanted to create his own character through the image of the role in the play, but he could not keep up with the cultural literacy, which led to frequent car crashes, but he still enjoyed it.For example, during the interview, I said that I like to read professional books and read articles about Nobel Prize in mathematics.For example, he often wrote traditional Chinese and ancient poems on weibo, but was found by eagle-eyed netizens to often write wrong words, such as “MAO Dun Literature Prize” into “Contradiction Literature Prize”.Conclusion To the stars of these past “black photos” happy, after all, everyone has facial expression management failure, bad state of time, who has not black history?We can’t even look at pictures of ourselves from a few years ago.Enhance business ability, do their own work, play good tricks, sing good, is the audience most happy to see, as for the installation of X, sooner or later are also to overturn the car.