The opening ceremony of the Winter Olympics fireworks how to pose “five rings”?The executive team clears up doubts

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“From outside, we could hear the cheers of the spectators inside the bird’s nest as the fireworks of the Five Olympic rings lit up over the sky.”Li liangliang is still full of pride as he recalls the fireworks display at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympics a few days ago.Li Liangliang is hebei Anping Shenggu fireworks company technical director, the opening ceremony of the brilliant bloom of “Spring”, the five rings, snowflakes of the fireworks modeling are from the team.Anping fireworks has a long history of Olympic love.Fourteen years ago, at the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, Shenggu fireworks lit up 29 creative “big footprints”, which amazed the world.Subsequently, they also participated in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of the People’s Republic of China, the 70th anniversary of the party activities, their high-altitude special effects fireworks technology is strong, rich experience, presenting the effect of the United States magnificent, wonderful.Shenggu Fireworks was given the task of setting off fireworks for the opening and closing ceremonies of the Beijing Winter Olympics last July, after a fireworks show to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China.Soon, the team was using software to create 3D drawings to simulate extrapolations.In order to fully practice, they also built a 1:1 reduction bird’s nest discharge environment in Anping County.Li Liangliang introduced, several modelling, “five ring” effect contains five colors, different colors of the material burning time is different, research and development is the most difficult.After hundreds of experiments, the team finally came up with a solution that enabled red, green, yellow, white and blue to turn on and off at the same time.It is understood that digital fireworks manufacturing and discharge technology requirements are high, difficult, the staff day and night to test, improve at the same time in the production process of strict quality, each link is strictly controlled, real-time measurement, testing, testing, to ensure the completion of high quality product production.On January 18, the 50-member team of Shenggu Fireworks arrived in Beijing with more than 2,100 sets of equipment and began preliminary preparations.The fireworks display has more than 300 points, which need to be combined with the actual environment around the bird’s Nest.Li Liangliang introduced, “In the effect of the five rings, how to set the top three rings and how to set the bottom two rings, the distance between the rings, all need to be measured on the spot.”It took 50 people two days to measure the distance and install the equipment accurately.To ensure that fireworks in the discharge process of any link do not appear problems, the need to put each of the lighting time, combination of the effect of all precision calculation.They rehearsed many times before the official discharge.The fireworks display, which lasted about three minutes, used only 10 percent of the fireworks used at the 2008 Beijing Olympics.It was less smoky and less polluted than previous fireworks, with about 70 percent less residue than regular fireworks.After more than eight months, the “Start of Spring”, the five rings and snowflakes finally appear in the sky above the Bird’s Nest.”For large-scale events, fireworks can set the atmosphere, and high-altitude fireworks can make the finishing touch and bring the atmosphere to a climax,” li said.After a short rest, the whole team went to the burning site outside the Bird’s Nest again for the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.Li liangliang smiled mysteriously and said, “I’m sure there will be a special effect for the audience. Please look forward to it!”source Beijing daily client | journalists Li ruyi Feng who edit Wang Wenmiao process editor Wu yue