The peak of the historical Machiavelli novel “Go with the Flow of a generation of consiglieres”, highly recommended

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Today, we recommend the most rated novels of the last 20 years, each of which is a classic and so good that fans can’t stop reading.It is said that nirvana in Fire was the inspiration for this novel. The biography of Jiang Zhe, styled Suiyun, who was born in a poor family and lived in a cold window for ten years, finally won the title of the imperial Academy.But by accident, jiang Zhe is immersed in big yong’s contention for the king.In the face of intrigue, many forces battle wits and power.He wanted to escape from the whirlpool that engulfed both the government and the opposition, but the situation was too pressing for him to do so.Helpless, Jiang Zhe can only go with the flow, into the court fight, with their own wisdom, for themselves and the people around, in this sinister world to seek a safe living space.Wonderful content I doubt of see small shun son, small shun son show suddenly see light look, way:”Adult, at that time you in disease, the daughter of prince DE see Tian Wei looks beautiful, so take her to the adult, for adults on credit, but has been in a coma, so slave generation adults will, will they stay in the king father-in-law there, these days, a slave because adults just fit body, want to wait on adults for a few days, the king of the chef serve her father-in-law is very considerate,We arranged for them to continue to serve his father-in-law, so that everyone was pleased.”I just understood, no wonder this period of time xiaoshunzi always around me, I asked: “How did grandpa Wang treat them?”Small shunzi respectful way: “the adult rest assured, Tian shi clever, wang father-in-law still want to accept her to do step-daughter, but the field lady because of sad tian general’s death body is not good.”2 “Zichuan” author old pig zichuan’s history can be said to be a long extreme, it can be said that many old bookworm the first book to see, in that network classic ever out of the endless era, “Zichuan” is undoubtedly one of the most outstanding masterpieces.Mythic Xichuan continent, generation after generation of blood legend.The imperial capital, the River Hill, the far Capital, the Blue City, the Pai, the Tran, each majestic city, has its own heroic legend.Humans, demons,…The blending of blood and fire, the collision of sword and sword, the interweaving of fans and fans, constitute a huge epic work – Zichuan.Two hundred years ago in the Blue River battlefield, the 500 thousand royal army of the Empire of Light collapsed in the noise of 200 thousand demons, the last emperor Lin Jian, marshal Lu Dan yan both died in battle.Then left jiaming out of the crowd, a single sword in public to kill the devil generals, guards thousands of people, and then the devil withdraw troops, retreat to the Far East.Now the southeast of the mainland, compose an epic magnificent history.Changchuan is a flower heart turnip head – adults I tell you: in the sand that several nights, a dark day did not see him, the next morning only to see him back, the feet are not up, tired with continuous dozen a few Constant Chuan battle like, clothes are lipstick – Changchuan, honest account, what did you do?””I’m going to care young woman falling, and let them know that there really is good in the world, let the world is full of love, big personnel to today, I will told you: Roger is an abnormal condition, he often went to the barracks to peep over there — there is not often lost underwear or something in it, you went to Roger search to find, all in that, a lot!Do you think young Lady could be happy in such hands? ”It’s a perfectly normal hobby — I don’t think it’s any different from collecting stamps — and Miss and I will be happy!My Lord, I tell you, I have secrets about Changchuan…Don’t go, my Lord.””Where are you going, my Lord? I have a big expose to tell you about Roger. He…”3 “the first God of the Ages” author Feng Qingyang works introduction Li Tianming dream to laugh up.His pets, unexpectedly are the legend of the ancient chaos giant beast.His chicken, the phoenix of eternal Purgatory, feeds on the sun.His black cat is the “Primordial Chaos Thunder demon” who has transformed all worlds with thunderbolt.Even his home of the jack Bauer, are with a trillion immortal split body “ten thousand world immortal beast”……From then on, he controlled ten ancient chaos giant beasts, incarnated the first chaos god in the ages, traveled all over the heaven and the world, and swept the endless god domain.All creatures, gods and demons, rolled and crawled, wailing and trembling.Wonderful content pa!She fell down and nearly fell apart.”The fifth heaviest in the realm of animal veins. Why did you fall down like that? Will you come again?””I was wrong, Destiny, I was wrong!”Li Xuejiao screamed in horror.Li tian-ming slapped her in the face again.Pa!”Ah!”Li Xuejiao’s teeth, were taken down a few, full of blood, whine.”No, no!She whirled up the tree again, this time for real, covered in blood from the branches, and crying in pain. She sounded like a sow.”Three twists in the air and the sow climbs the tree perfectly!”Li tian-ming clapped his hands.The first time he looked back, he smiled when he saw his mother’s smile of relief and reassurance.For Wei jing, the paper is not important, the important thing is to see her son come back.”My son, wonderful!”She gave herself the same thumbs-up as before.”That’s because you were born well.”Li tianming said with a smile.”Then we’ll do the same.”Wei jing smiled gently.At this moment, she seemed no longer old, her smile is so beautiful, as if she is still the beauty of the city.Well, that’s all for today.If there’s anything you’d like to see, leave a comment below.