Twenty o ‘clock at night!Ahn Hyun-soo voice hard just South Korean team, netizens praise moved, South Korean media a complete defeat

2022-06-25 0 By

In the competition field of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the Performance of the Chinese team is quite outstanding, in the competition at home, the Olympic athletes of the Chinese team have conveyed to us the spirit of hard work, dare to fight and get quite good results in the field.And up to now, The Chinese team is to get 6 MEDALS, still ranked in the forefront of the Olympic Games, can really break the history of performance in the Winter Olympics, at home did not let people down.And in this time of the Winter Olympics gold and silver, the contribution of the most undoubtedly or our short track speed skating project, as the Chinese team has always been the most competitive direction, the short track speed skating athletes have won two gold and one silver results, represented by Wu Dajing Ren Ziwei this group of athletes,The quadrennial Winter Olympic Games has given us one surprise after another, and also attracted the attention of domestic sports fans.While the overall performance of short track speed skating was outstanding, our coaching team also got more exposure in this Winter Olympics.In fact, the reason is very simple, because our short track speed skating coach Ahn Hyun-soo is from the Korean team once famous, and this time, Ahn Hyun-soo helped The Chinese team to get a good result, but at the same time, our competitor Korea team was in trouble at the beginning of the competition, not only did not perform in the competition,Instead, he was punished severely for his foul play.So South Korean netizens are angry, and Ahn Hyun-soo has naturally become the target of south Korean netizens and media to attack, before you may have seen the south Korean media for his accusations, even once affected the life of Ahn Hyun-soo’s family.As a result, Ahn hyun-soo is under a lot of pressure to speak out and express his hope that his problems will not affect his family.But in the case of the South Korean media all the way, as Chinese sports fans are adhering to the highest sportsmanship, people also gave Ahn Hyun-soo a lot of support, gave him a good motivation.Say that everybody wants to be able to help viktor ahn top this time, I hope he can continue to be led, help the Chinese team to get more good result, and we all know, in China’s 500 – meter short-track speed skating today will also start this is China’s key projects, so this time the Chinese team players and coaching staff can have a little carelessness.In the thousands of domestic netizens support, in yesterday Ahn Hyun-soo also gave a most satisfactory answer.At 20 PM last night, Ahn hyeon-soo posted a video of himself training with the team through his social media feed. In this vlog, we can see that Ahn has been training with the team from morning till night, so we can say that he is still fully engaged in the preparation for the Winter Olympics.Ahn added that he would continue to work hard in the coming days and work hard with everyone until the end of the Olympics.Ahn’s words are no doubt telling Chinese netizens not to worry, that he will continue to help China win gold and that will not change, so they can rest assured.At the same time, Ahn hyun-soo’s decision to continue his efforts despite the pressure is really a response and a slap in the face of the Korean media.Then, when I was not taken seriously, no one mentioned me, but now I led the Chinese team to make good results, and the Korean media began to maliciously criticize me, which makes me look down upon very much.It can be said that this time the Korean netizens and media is a complete defeat, and as the Chinese netizens, we will definitely support Ahn Hyun-soo support the short track speed skating team, I hope they can race better today.