What is Sun Zhenhuan’s kung fu attainments?Once defeated the British consulate attache, Xiamen Huo Yuanjia has no name

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Cangzhou, Hebei province, as a famous hometown of martial arts, has bred numerous martial arts masters and masters.For example, In the late Qing Dynasty, Mr. Wang Zhengyi, the “Broadsword King five”, strongly supported Tan Sitong’s reform and reform;Mr. Huo Diange, a master of baji boxing, who was around Emperor Xuantong;Ma Yingtu and Ma Fengtu, the two brothers who created the “breaking feng eight knives” against the Japanese bayonet technique;Mr. Wang Ziping, the “King of strength” who repeatedly defeated foreign strongmen in the arena;Mr. Li Shuwen, Mr. Liu Dekuan, Mr. Li Fenggang, Mr. Tong Zhongyi, Mr. Guo Changsheng and Mr. Ding Faxiang are famous martial artists who came out of Cangzhou in Hebei province in modern history of China.Sun Zhenhuan and today xiaobian to talk with you about The Mr. Sun Zhenhuan, he is also a master from Hebei Cangzhou out of the back boxing.So what about Mr. Sun Zhenhuan’s kunshu attainments?In other words, how good is he at boxing?Next xiaobian will give you a careful analysis.First of all, from sun Zhenhuan’s martial arts curriculum vitae.Mr. Sun Zhenhuan was born in 1898 in Cangzhou, Hebei, a famous town of martial arts in China. Since he was young, he had been officially under the tutelage of Mr. Zuo Dongjun, a famous master of backhanded boxing in Cangzhou area. He practiced hard for many years under the strict supervision of Zuo, and finally acquired a tall and excellent backhanded boxing.Second, from the perspective of Sun Zhenhuan’s martial arts career.It is said that Mr. Su Zhenhuan was once known as “Huo Yuanjia of Xiamen” when he was in southern Fujian, and there are countless legendary anecdotes about his life.After Mr. Sun Zhenhuan learned martial arts successfully, at the beginning of making a living, he had been in a business in Tianjin area as a biaoshi, only because of the local bully when fighting chivalrously, but under this to the northwest.At that time, feng Yuxiang in northwest China just held a wrestling match in Xi ‘an army. At that time, Wang mou, the chief judge of the match, was a wrestling instructor in the army, so he was contemptuous of all participants.As a result, wang mou personally entered the game but met Mr. Sun Zhenhuan, and then the two sides of the challenge against Mr. Sun to win 2 games in a row.After that, Mr. Sun Zhenhuan gained a great reputation in northwest China. Feng Yuxiang even awarded him the title of “The first Fall in Northwest China”.In 1933, Mr. Sun Zhenhuan also personally participated in the famous Battle of Xifengkou in Chinese history, and he himself led his 500 soldiers to kill nearly 700 Japanese soldiers with broadswords in this battle.After this war, Mr. Sun Zhenhuan in order to avoid the Japanese army to kill, he had to go south to Xiamen in the Central south bank as a biaoshi, and during this period also defeated the arrogant British consulate attache.After Mr. Sun Zhenhuan founded “Tongbei Wushu Association” in Xiamen (the association was listed at No. 74 quanzhou Road, Gulangyu Island), his old family began to formally open the school and teach students.His students spread all over the mainland and Hong Kong, and even the tongbei boxing in Taiwan and Southeast Asia came from Mr. Sun Zhenhuan’s lineage.In 1972, Mr. Sun Zhenhuan passed away at the age of 74.As for the related topics of Mr. Sun Zhenhuan’s backhand kungfu, let’s stop here today.Do you have any different opinions about whether the kungfu can stand the test of actual combat?Feel free to leave your original thoughts and opinions below.(For more information about the history of martial arts, welcome to pay attention to the “History of Nanshan Martial Arts” we-media platform, the author is not easy to cultivate and create, handling is bound to track down to the end.)