Winter Olympics east wind hot Fuzhou ice and snow sports

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The Beijing Winter Olympics are underway.Ahead, athletes on the track charge;In the rear, figure skating, ice hockey, curling and other ice training sports lit a fire in the hearts of Fuzhou people.The reporter learned that this year’s Spring Festival holiday coincides with the winter Olympic Games held in Beijing, the citizens’ enthusiasm for ice and snow sports is high, which also leads to the upsurge of ice and snow sports in Fuzhou and promotes the sound development of ice and snow sports industry.During the Spring Festival, the number of citizens participating in ice sports increased sharply.On the morning of November 11, the millennium Star skating rink in Jin ‘an District shiou Square was crowded with people on the 1,450 square meters of ice, with many adults and children experiencing the fun of ice and snow sports.Skating area, there are a lot of four or five years old children wearing helmets under the guidance of the coach to learn professional knowledge, attracting many people stop to watch.What is different is that many of the stumbling “students” are their parents.”Since a few days before New Year’s Eve, nearly 700 people have come to experience the project every day, which is 1.5 times of the same period of the previous year.Many parents not only bring their children, but also learn to skate themselves.”Wang Weipeng, general manager of the Century Star Skating Club, said the winter Olympics had greatly stimulated citizens’ enthusiasm for ice and snow sports.In the rink sports area, the reporter saw that many children are playing hockey under the leadership of professional coaches.”It is worth mentioning that ice and snow sports are getting better and better in Fuzhou.”Wang weipeng said that the Fujian Snow and Ice Sports Association, where he works, has worked closely with the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau. On the one hand, professional coaches have been trained through “rotating ice” training camps to lay a solid foundation for the development of snow and ice sports.On the other hand, the popularity of ice and snow sports in public life can be increased through activities such as entering campus and various competitions and competitions.According to Wang Weipeng, there are five schools with snow and ice characteristics in Fuzhou, and nearly 150 people have become professional coaches through the training camp. All of them are local coaches.With the growth of the professional coach team, there are more and more students, and the first provincial figure skating national level 2 athletes have been trained.Young skaters perform figure skating during the ice and snow Games held at the Millennium Star Rink in Beijing, capital of China, Jan. 16, 2019.During the “2022 Cross-strait Children’s Spring Festival Gala”, a program attracted many people’s attention.In the program, students from Fuzhou Qiantang Primary School education Group, together with members of the Fuzhou Wolves ice hockey team, put on a “Thumb Adventure”, integrating ice hockey and roller skating elements, cheering for the Beijing Winter Olympics.Among these children, some won the second place in fujian roller skating competition, and some insisted on practicing roller skating for more than 3 to 5 years.They represent the young generation’s love and persistence in snow and ice sports.As the first youth ice hockey team in Fuzhou, the Flames Wolves Ice Hockey Team, founded in 2017, has teams of U6, U8 and other ages, with dozens of players, and has won the third place in the National Youth Ice Hockey Challenge (East China Region).The head of the team told reporters, originally restricted by climate conditions, Fuzhou no ice sports conditions.However, with the gradual construction of several ice rinks in Fuzhou, more and more children began to participate in the sport of ice hockey, and the team gradually grew up.Provincial sports bureau told reporters, the development of ice and snow sports, Fujian, Fuzhou, promising.Although our province is located in the southeast, it has the unique advantage of developing ice and snow sports.For example, Fujian province is a major province of LNG (liquefied natural gas) receiving and unloading.By the end of 2021, Fujian had received and unloaded nearly 37 million tons of LNG.LNG in the gasification process, can produce a large amount of cold energy, use these cold energy construction ice sports facilities, both energy saving and environmental protection, multiple benefits.In recent years, snow and ice sports facilities in Fujian province have been increasingly improved, which is related to unique advantages in addition to high attention and investment from governments at all levels.Fuzhou and other places will benefit from this, and the threshold for people to participate in ice and snow sports will be lower and lower.Continue to take advantage of these advantages, you can get twice the result with half the effort.In terms of policy support, Fuzhou Ice Sports Association was established in August 2018.Since 2019, the Fujian Provincial Sports Bureau has organized a number of “Help Move Fujian for the Winter Olympics” national Youth Sports winter summer camp (Fuzhou Station, Fujian Province) for 10,000 people to experience ice, encouraging more young people to participate in ice sports.In 2020, fujian Sports Bureau invested 20 million yuan in the sports lottery public welfare fund as a construction subsidy to support the construction of snow and ice stadiums across the country.With the gradual improvement of the foundation and atmosphere of ice and snow sports in Fuzhou, the venue operation has embarked on a virtuous cycle. It is reasonable to believe that in time, ice and snow sports in Fuzhou will surely be able to ride the wind and break the waves and sail far.