Hundreds of jobs, 546 people needed!2022 Fuyang Spring Recruitment Month is about to begin!

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Job seekers: In order to coordinate epidemic prevention and control and stabilize employment, attract talents and promote development, continue to meet the needs of employers after the holiday, better support the resumption of production of enterprises in our district, and promote the employment and entrepreneurship of college graduates.The District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau will launch the “Leye Fuyang Job Waiting for you” spring recruitment month of Fuyang District in 2022. The relevant matters are hereby announced as follows: 01 Time and Venue Time: 14:00 — 17:00, February 18, 2022 (Friday) Venue:Human Resource Market, Fuyang District, Hangzhou (1st Floor, Yonghe Building, No. 1128, Enbo Avenue) 02Participants: college graduates and job-seekers.2. Activity scale: There will be 19 preset booths for this conference, and the attendees will be limited to 50.1. Visitors are required to wear masks during the whole process, and can enter only after showing the green health code and travel card. Non-green health code, travel card * and without wearing masks are not allowed to enter.A temperature measuring point will be set at the entrance of the job fair. People with abnormal body temperature are not allowed to enter.2. The entrance and exit of the recruitment site shall be arranged uniformly, and the number of participants shall be controlled. Participants shall enter the site in an orderly manner according to the guidance of the site staff, and the waiting distance of the interviewees shall not be less than 1 meter.3. This job fair is a public welfare job fair, free of charge.Job seekers can scan the following two dimensions to view specific job information sources: District Human Resources and Social Security Bureau Editor: Hong Wen first Instance: Chen Fan Second instance: Sun Qin Final instance: Zhang Youda