Sunshine on the second day of the lunar New Year

2022-06-26 0 By

The day of the second day of the year is good, the sun in the morning east of the mountains there draw a golden light, so that the mountains in the fog each other like Penglai fairy island, rape flower gradually opened the bud of spring.There are poems spring river warm duck prophet, it seems that the ancients do not deceive today.Or thin ice lock tianchi, duck stepping mud claw marks.A little cold but I know spring is coming!Wan ‘an village once the town, lively only New Year’s day to disperse the fog and haze, every family’s red Couplets that is the hope of the white.I walked by the gurgling Wan ‘an Creek, fishing fishermen have shivered in the cold wind for a long time, so that the budding willow can not help laughing and trembling!When I went to the market town or the general lively, village sunshine lazily scattered in the spring of the people walking.I will face the sun to the direction of the shy red, shy!Take advantage of the sunshine I feel happy days will let life flowers bloom in my spring!