Tesla announced a recall of 817,000 electric cars

2022-06-26 0 By

Tesla is carrying out the largest recall in us history, with 817,000 vehicles covering the four models it sells, according to the country’s top auto safety regulator.The recall is understood to cover Model S/Model X models from 2021 to 2022, as well as Model 3 models from 2017 to 2022 and Model Y models from 2020 to 2022.The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said tesla recalled the vehicles because the seatbelt announcement may not sound when the vehicle starts and the driver is not wearing a seatbelt.Tesla will fix the issue via OTAs, but since the U.S. Highway Safety Administration (NHTSA) considers the lack of a seatbelt announcement to be a safety risk, tesla cannot fix the issue with a software update alone and must incorporate it into an official safety recall.However, if otAs can’t fix the problem, that means owners may have to drive to Tesla’s customer service to fix it.In the past two months alone, Tesla has launched multiple recalls.At the end of 2021, the US Road Safety Regulator said Tesla recalled more than 475,000 Model 3 and Model S electric vehicles in the US to fix issues such as rearview cameras and the trunk that increased the risk of collisions.Specifically, the recall will cover about 356,000 Model 3s from the 2017-2020 Model year and about 119,000 Model S from the 2014-2021 Model year.Later, the State Administration for Market Regulation announced that Tesla decided to recall 19,697 imported Model S from January 21, 2015 to November 18, 2020.And some imported Model 3s with production dates between October 4, 2018 and November 20, 2019, totaling 35,836 units.And some domestically produced Model 3s with production dates from October 14, 2019 to December 27, 2020, totaling 144,208 units.For The Tesla Model 3, the reason for the recall is that the rearview camera cable harness can be damaged by opening and closing the trunk lid, preventing rearview camera images from being displayed.For Tesla’s Model S, the recall is due to a front hood latch problem that can cause the trunk to open without warning and hinder driver visibility, increasing the risk of a crash.NHTSA said Tesla was not aware of any crashes, injuries or deaths related to problems with its Model 3 and Model S vehicles.From the point of view of recall problems, and the United States market problems are basically the same.On Tuesday, the NATIONAL Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced that Tesla would recall 53,822 electric vehicles, also involving four models it sells.According to the recall documents, each tesla has a “rolling stop” feature that allows the vehicle to travel at speeds of up to 5.6 miles per hour through a four-direction stop, as long as the driver puts the vehicle on “full autopilot” mode, in violation of US road traffic regulations.NHTSA noted that vehicles did not come to a complete stop and that the risk of a collision could increase when crossing an intersection.Tesla will implement a wireless software update that disables the “roll stop” feature, NHTSA said.The recall is understood to cover Model S and Model X models from 2016 to 2022, as well as Model 3 models from 2017 to 2022 and Model Y models from 2020 to 2022.Recently, Tesla has frequently launched recalls in the US market. Whether it will further affect the Chinese market still needs to wait for information disclosure from relevant departments.The product problems don’t seem to be affecting Tesla’s market performance.According to the financial results, Tesla achieved a total revenue of 53.823 billion US dollars in the fiscal year of 2021, up 71% year on year, including a total revenue of 17.719 billion US dollars in the fourth quarter of 2021, up 65% year on year;Net income for fiscal 2021 was $5.519 billion, up 665 percent year on year, including $2.321 billion in the fourth quarter of 2021, up 760 percent year on year.In other words, it was tesla’s second profitable year and its most profitable year ever.In terms of sales volume, Tesla delivered 936,000 new cars globally in 2021, up 87% year-on-year, becoming the brand with the highest sales volume of electric vehicles in the world.But as an American automaker, Tesla doesn’t seem to be a fan of President Joe Biden.It is understood that since taking office, Biden has repeatedly increased the policy of new energy vehicles, believing that electric vehicles are critical to the US economy and climate goals, but has been silent about Tesla’s position in the electric car market.On Thursday, Biden posted a video of a conversation with Mary Barra, chairman and CEO of GENERAL Motors, saying he was “pleased to hear her statement and that companies like GM and Ford are building more electric vehicles here in America than ever before.”The move drew the ire of Musk, who took to the same Tweet to comment that the White House was deliberately ignoring Tesla’s leadership position in the electric car industry.Tesla fans then bought an AD in New York’s Times Square featuring musk’s recent tweet for President Joe Biden: “Starts with T, ends with A, ESL in the middle.”According to official data, Tesla delivered more than 936,000 electric vehicles globally in 2021, while GENERAL Motors sold just under 480,000 electric vehicles.In the US, where the company had to recall its Chevrolet Bolt electric vehicles because of the risk of battery fires, GM sold just 26 electric vehicles in the fourth quarter, including 25 Bolts and one GMC electric Hummer pickup.