Wedding night shock

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Hou Lou is a small village, today is the sixth day of the year, the village head firecrackers sound trumpet sound together, bustling, who married a daughter-in-law?Hou Wei (pseudonym) is in his forties. His wife died early due to illness, and he is alone with his eldest son.Now, his son has grown up and gone out to work, leaving Howie looking for the few acres of land.After his son went out, Hou Wei gradually felt lonely and cold, so he asked a matchmaker to find a daughter-in-law.The matchmaker really introduced a girl in her twenties to Howie. Howie had met her once. She looked pretty, but she was a little fat and quiet.After the meeting, Howie felt good and agreed.In the countryside, and not you to fall in love, as long as both sides have no opinion, can be engaged.A month later, on the sixth day of the Chinese New Year, when all his relatives and friends were at home, Howie married the fat girl, Xiao Zhen.Wedding day, Hou Wei busy all day, to the evening, finally can enter the bridal chamber.He was a little excited at the thought of marrying such a young woman after so many years of being single.When he opened the door and came in, he saw his bride, Xiao Zhen, sitting on the ground crying.Hou Wei hurried to get the bride up and asked what was going on.However, the bride refused to be pulled by Hou Wei, and her crying became worse. When asked, she did not respond. What happened?Hou Wei anxiously called to ask mother-in-law, small zhen this is how?Who knows the mother-in-law after listening to the performance is very calm, she said: small zhen never left home, to a strange place, a little afraid of homesickness.I give small zhen to take the bag, there is a bottle of medicine, you give her to take a pill.Hou Wei hurried to open small zhen’s burden, find out the bottle, ready to take a pill to small zhen, small zhen is not willing to take medicine.Hou Wei according to mother-in-law said, small zhen take medicine to coax, he very not easy coax small zhen take medicine.Howie went out of the room to get something from another room.Howie had just reached the yard when he heard two loud bangs from the bedroom, followed by a crash of broken glass, followed by a crash with pungpungi!Hou Wei is scared silly, his scalp pins and needles: what happened?Earth, earthquake?!When Hou Wei rushed into the room, he saw that his bride was frantically smashing things with a bench in her hand.The wardrobe was smashed, the mirror and the back window were smashed, thermos bottles and teacups were smashed all over the floor!The bride’s face is ferocious, the mouth still keep saying what, carrying the bench rushed over to hit the groom hou Wei!Howie dodged, turned and ran out of the room, quickly closing the door from the outside with his backhand!Hou Wei was still in shock, but the sound of smashing things in the house still did not stop, and from time to time came the hiss and roar of the bride.Hou Wei calmed down, took out his cell phone and called his mother-in-law again. He asked her and her mother-in-law to come quickly!Who knows the bride made hot thirst, and from the corner to touch a bottle of pesticide, when the tea poured down the stomach.Fortunately, Hou Wei found timely, hurriedly sent the small zhen to the hospital gastric lavage.Hou Wei toss toss a day and a night, also did not enter into the bridal chamber.Give small zhen treatment of the doctor saw the clue, he let Hou Wei take small zhen to neurology.The diagnosis came back. The bride has schizophrenia!Originally, small zhen since childhood suffering from schizophrenia, has been taking medicine.Xiaozhen’s parents hid xiaozhen’s medical history and hurriedly married her to Hou Wei.Wedding day, the bride did not take medicine, plus busy overworked, fell ill.Hou Wei sends small zhen back to her mother’s home, want to divorce with small zhen, small zhen’s parents take out a “prenuptial agreement” in no hurry however.It turned out that hou Wei had signed a prenuptial agreement with his in-laws before he married Xiaozhen, making him promise to be good to Xiaozhen after marriage and never abandon her for a lifetime.If the divorce, Hou wei will have to compensate Xiaozhen 200,000 yuan for her lost youth.At that time, Howie did not think much when signing the agreement, but it was such a hot potato, no, it was a time bomb!Hou Wei is helpless, have to Sue to the court, request to remove and small zhen’s marriage.According to the Civil Code, if one party has a serious illness before marriage registration, he/she should truthfully inform the other party;If the other party fails to tell the truth, the other party may apply to the people’s court for annulment of the marriage.In the end, Howie won the case, and he and Xiaozhen dissolved their marriage.Xiaozhen parents let Hou Wei signed the so-called prenuptial agreement, invalid!