What kind of Chinese speed and passion of ice and snow can you feel by “Auspicious Snow and Spring”?

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Science and Technology Daily reporter Jiaoyang winter Olympics opening ceremony and the Olympic Games were wonderful.The fuxing bullet train is speeding along the beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed rail line.G8825 train leaves Qinghe Station on Jan 21.The beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing High-speed railway is an important supporting project for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, embossed with numerous winter Olympic elements.Taizi city station along the front of the station square “Olympic eye” near, that is, for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games awards square.”Relying on the operating experience and advanced technology of the Intelligent Fuxing bullet train of The Beijing-Zhangjia-Beijing High-speed Railway, we have customized a new Type of Intelligent Fuxing bullet train of the Olympic version for the Beijing Winter Olympics, which is a perfect combination of intelligence and humanization. It is called ‘Ruixue Yingchun’.”Jia Lu, a senior engineer in the vehicle department of China Railway Beijing Bureau Group Co., LTD, said at a press conference for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics on Thursday.What kind of Chinese speed and passion of ice and snow can you feel by “Auspicious Snow and Spring”?In terms of race report, train service, train operation and service guarantee, “Ruixue Yingchun” is more intelligent and intelligent.A studio area and a guide area are designed and built in car no. 8, and stable power supply and network transmission channels are provided. A landscape stand is set up in the driver’s cab, matching with the mobile stand used in other cars.”It is the world’s first 5G ultra HD studio set on a 350kmph high-speed train.Since its launch, the programs broadcast in the studio have spread to all directions.The emU will provide broadcasting and information display in Chinese and English, while the intelligent interactive terminal for business passengers will provide high-speed rail entertainment center, wireless screen projection and vehicle operation information query services, Jia said.The toilet has intelligent lighting function. It will automatically turn on the light after detecting someone entering. When no one enters the toilet for 30 seconds, the light will automatically weaken.The water supply and sanitation system has the function of recycling water, which can save about 10% of the water.Taking the “Ruixue Yingchun” is fast and safe.”The aerodynamics of the nose, which mimics the hawk and sailfish, further reduces air resistance and makes the operation more energy-efficient;Can adapt to the cold environment of minus 40 degrees;It can drive itself at 350 kilometers per hour.”Jia lu said the train is equipped with a “smart brain”, a large number of sensors, and built an onboard fault prediction and health management system to ensure safe operation of the train.The Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, designed and built independently by China, is the world’s first intelligent high-speed railway with an speed of 350 kilometers per hour, and is an important part of The Beijing-Lan Corridor, China’s “eight vertical and eight horizontal” high-speed railway network.Construction started in December 2015, and operation began on December 30, 2019.Since its opening, the 174-kilometer beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway has run nearly 80,000 trains and transported 27.396 million passengers, forming a fast passenger passage from eastern Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and northern Hebei to Beijing. It only takes one hour to reach Zhangjiakou from Beijing.Jing zhang intercity railway co., LTD., chairman of Ma Kanyan says, direct service station of the games, Beijing Zhang Gaotie design are integrated into the games cultural elements, for example, qinghe station “all rivers run into sea”, on the design of the facade and roof, selection of pure bright white as the main tonal, make the entire station winding like a jade belt of qing river, also like passion dynamic alpine ski slopes;Taizicheng station’s “boundless clouds and waters”, the main body of the building adopts white hyperbola, which echoes the Ice and snow culture of the Olympic Games. The smooth curve fits the speed and passion of skiing.”It is expected that athletes, technical officials and ticketed passengers from various countries will be transported up to 200,000 times during the guaranteed period of transport services.”Wang Yong, deputy general manager of China Railway Beijing Bureau, introduced that from January 21 to March 16 for the winter Olympics service guarantee period, the highest daily arrangement between Beijing and Zhangjia-Beijing Winter Olympics train 40 pairs, while preparing 23 pairs of preparatory lines, according to passenger flow changes and winter Olympics transport temporary tasks, the implementation of “one map a day”.It takes 26 minutes from Qinghe station to Yanqing Station, 50 minutes from Taizicheng Station, and 65 minutes from Chongli station.Editor: Zhang Shuang review: Yue Liang