With western-style wedding becoming popular in China, diamond rings are becoming popular among young people. What do you think?

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Introduction In the lunar New Year, that is, on the 25th of last month, China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs once again emphasized in the press conference that it is necessary to make changes to China’s excessive marriage customs.Especially in the sky-high bride price and other customs to change, but also to use China’s Ministry of Civil Affairs under the function of the marriage registry office to further promote positive marriage customs, and to make a reasonable promotion of the healthy development of husband and wife relations.Only in this way can some backward marriage customs in Our country be further contained, and equal partnership can be popular among our young people.After all, husband and wife are the most intimate relationship in a person’s life, so getting married is also one of the most important things in everyone’s life.However, the marriage rate in China has been on the decline in recent years due to the change of young people’s concept of marriage and young girls’ view of marriage relationship.On the contrary, the divorce rate in China has been on the rise in recent years, and the birth rate of newborns has also been on the decline.Of course, there are many other reasons for the declining marriage rate in China besides the change of marriage concept among young women.Among them, the sky-high bride price and the necessary conditions such as car and housing required by most people make many men in the working class have no desire to get married at all.Moreover, China attaches great importance to the wedding ceremony. Whether it is the car, house and bride price to be prepared before marriage, or the wedding accessories to be prepared after the wedding, it also costs a lot of money. These undoubtedly make the pressure of young people of marriageability increase sharply.In addition to the bride price, the most money we ask for in the wedding planning stage is the wedding ring.And Chinese girls have always been obsessed with diamonds on their wedding rings.Moreover, diamond’s preciousness and its hard and clear qualities make it a symbol of love for many young people.And because many years ago, many young people in Our country were confused by a fan of the advertising language about diamond chant spread, especially the little girl for the wedding with a diamond ring is not general dedication.And this slogan is widely spread in Our country from an insignificant foreign small advertising planning company at that time, and this company has risen rapidly in the industry.Of course, it is precisely because of such a successful marketing that diamonds quickly become popular in weddings around the world, and Our country is deeply affected by it, making diamonds become an indispensable part of our wedding.Before the company’s advertising, people didn’t need to exchange diamond rings when they got married.However, even when China’s economy is not developed, the practice of “worship foreign things” is still quite a lot, and many customs in China have been influenced by western countries.Once everyone married is held Chinese wedding, and then gradually advocate western wedding.But it is because of the pursuit of young people in China for diamonds, so that the price of diamonds in China has been high, even a lot of good color, large weight of diamond rings can be sold in China for a sky-high price.In recent years, China’s economic development is extremely rapid, the people have become rich, the demand for diamonds has become greater, so China has successfully become a large diamond consumption.Therefore, China has officially become a strong market for many diamond companies in the world. After all, more than 50% of Chinese people choose to use diamond rings in their wedding or engagement ceremonies.Unfortunately, although China has a huge market demand for diamonds, its capacity to produce diamonds is not strong, and due to geographical factors, the amount of diamonds is not high, so such a huge market demand can only rely on imports.After all, diamonds have indeed become an integral part of our country’s wedding ceremonies.But who can remember, such a phenomenon just because of a small advertising company to make the marketing plan.It was such a successful marketing plan that turned the diamond, which was not popular at first, into a real profiteering industry. Because of the obvious monopolistic behavior in the mining of the diamond industry, almost the whole diamond mining was divided by several big diamond giants in the world.It is precisely because of such monopolistic behavior that the production and manufacture of diamonds are strictly controlled, and diamonds have become a rare luxury.But with the continuous development of science and technology, such natural gems as diamonds have also been artificially produced by researchers, and in this way of manufacturing, the diamond produced and natural diamonds are not inferior.More importantly, such synthetic diamonds are inexpensive and highly malleable.And now there are many famous jewelry brands have also used such artificial diamonds for their own brands of jewelry inlaid.Conclusion The highest production of such artificial diamonds is in China, China occupies more than half of the market in this industry, especially in Henan Province, the production of artificial diamonds has even become the characteristics of some areas in the province.It also proves to a great extent that China’s manufacturing level has developed to a unique level in the world.Today’s topic: More than 80 years of “fraud” end!Successfully brainwashed 50% young people, but was exposed by Henan manufacturing?