A general department of external surgery: patient gratitude table thanks for superb medical skills warm people’s hearts

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“I am a family member of Bed 35. I travelled 700 kilometers with my child from Guizhou to be transferred to the Department of General Surgery of Hunan Children’s Hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, it was already early in the morning.At that time, Dr. Gao Hongqiang from the First Department of General Surgery accompanied our child to complete various emergency examinations and treatment until the child’s vital signs were stable. Thank you very much for Dr. Gao’s due diligence.I am very satisfied with the service of the doctors and nurses in the department.”This is a family symposium, 35 bed family members to Dr. Gao and the medical staff of the first department of general surgery sincere confession.The short words expressed the family members’ affirmation and trust in the work of the medical staff of GENERAL Foreign Affairs Department, and also made all the medical staff of General Foreign Affairs Department pour out a warm current from the bottom of their hearts, so that everyone felt the sense of professional value, and felt the indescribable pride and pride.Xiaoxia (pseudonym) is more than 3 years old this year. One year ago, Xiaoxia began to have repeated abdominal pain, and each pain lasted about two days.A few days ago, Xiaoxia suffered from severe abdominal pain again, accompanied by vomiting. A CT scan of her abdomen at a local hospital suggested “dilatation of the bile duct inside and outside the liver”.Family members for surgical treatment, emergency with xiaoxia came to our hospital, a department of general surgery.When little summer arrived at the hospital, has been in the morning, little summer of severe abdominal pain, high doctor after a day’s work, still very patient to promise to do the body check carefully, considering the little summer condition of emergency at the same time, the family had just coming from the other cities are not familiar with the hospital environment, in person with little summer perfect each check, back to the ward after touring little summer condition for many times,Wait until xiaoxia stable condition after the rest assured.Soon, a general surgery team to do a detailed assessment of the disease, developed the best diagnosis and treatment plan for xiaoxia: “bile duct dilatation radical operation”.In the process of surgery, the surgeon found that xiaoxia extrahepatic bile duct dilation is serious, the shape of the largest expansion section is like the size of “egg”, the length of extrahepatic bile duct dilation is about 10 centimeters, under the skilled operation of the physician team, Xiaoxia’s operation progresses smoothly.After the medical staff after the careful care and treatment, xiaoxia postoperative recovery smoothly, troubled xiaoxia for more than 1 years since the abdominal pain caused by biliary dilatation finally in the treatment and care of the medical staff has been effective treatment, at present, xiaoxia has dealt with the discharge procedures.Dr. Gao reminds that congenital biliary dilatation is a disease caused by abnormal biliary system development, which is more common in children. Its lesions are mainly cystic or fusiform dilatation of a part of the extrahepatic bile duct, and sometimes can be accompanied by a congenital deformity of intrahepatic bile duct dilatation.Its typical symptoms are abdominal pain, jaundice and right upper abdominal mass, but most children often have only one of the typical symptoms, which can be clearly diagnosed by CT and B-ultrasound examination.Congenital cholangiectasis is a high risk factor for biliary canceration. Therefore, once diagnosed, children should receive surgical treatment as soon as possible under the conditions of surgical operation, which can improve the long-term prognosis of the disease.Statement: This article copyright belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com