Be careful!Scammers are after Ice Dadden dadden!Many people have been cheated!

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I wonder how many hearts these adorable moments hit during Chinese New Year, Bing Dwen dwen and Xue Rong Rong. “One dwen is hard to get.” “One Dwen, one Rong is hard to get.”Some of our handy netizens have started to roll up and do their own food and clothing!Orange pier pier egg pier snow pier pier dough plastic pier in addition to these and tangyuan pier, sugar pier pier, calabash pier and so on do not do friends how to do when you look for “almighty cattle” to buy it can be fooled on February 8, 9, Zhejiang Ningbo, Jiaxing, Wenzhou, Shaoxing many places to buy “ice pier pier” scam.Our network police shu shu out quickly, teach you to see through these routines!Set a: “empty hands set white Wolf” once transfer, local shielding!On the afternoon of February 7, Xiao Yang, who lives in Fuming Street, Yinzhou District, Ningbo, Zhejiang province, reported to the Fuming police station of Yinzhou Public Security Bureau that he loved Bing Dwen dwen so much that he dreamed of owning one.Recommended by his classmates, he added a man who claimed to have a lot of ice dun dun wechat, after bargaining with the price of 230 yuan, money to delivery.Did not expect to be shielded by the other side after the transfer, Xiao Yang is very sad, will someone use so lovely ice dun dun to fraud, it is not heart.Ask for a refund, block now!Just one day after the ningbo case, zhuji city of Shaoxing announced another case of purchasing “Bing Dwen Dwen” on February 8.Xiao Zhang in Zhuji is a gamer. He has an online friend named Xu in Beijing.Looking at ice dun dun so hot, Xiao Zhang asked Xiao Xu to help buy a, want to collect.”I thought, the Winter Olympics are in Beijing, he can buy more convenient than me.”At noon on February 6, Zhang said to Xu, xu agreed, and Zhang immediately transferred 1000 yuan.After a meeting, small Xu said now buy ice pier pier more difficult, said no goods.See so troublesome, xiao Zhang wants to calculate put forward not to buy, let xiao Xu return the money can.Unexpectedly, Xiao Xu directly deleted its micro channel, Xiao Zhang found that he was cheated.A similar case was also announced in Wenzhou on February 9th.Local citizen Wang mou saw someone claiming to be able to buy “ice pier pier” on some APP, because beg pier heart cut, transfer 3500 yuan to the other side of the deposit (not full money also escape however, routines are the same).After money comes to hand, the other party says to buy now “ice pier pier” more difficult, want to pass period of time.When Wang mou proposed a refund, he found that he had been screened.You see, “empty hands with white Wolf” routine is to use everyone eager to get “Ice Dun dun” psychology, through the circle of friends, game friends and other ways to cheat.Routine two: “fish eye mixed bead” in order to “deliver goods”, by hook or by crook!On February 7, another “Bing Dwen Dwen” scam appeared in Jiaxing.Mr. Lang of sea salt met a net friend who claimed to have channels to buy “Ice Dun Dun” through an App.After adding wechat, the other party sent “Bing Dwen Dwen” photo.Mr. Lang immediately transferred 266 yuan to buy 3 small “Bingdendun” and 1 large “Bingdendun”.On the afternoon of July 7, Lang found only a piece of cloth inside the delivery. When he contacted the Courier, he found that he had been shielded and went to the police station to report it to the police.Shoddy, can not collect!In addition to bing Dwen Dwen and Xue Rong Rong bought the mascots because they are too cute, some netizens value their collection value.Mr. Liu in Jiangsu met a net friend who claimed to be an employee of an art company. The other party recommended three sets of Winter Olympics souvenirs, such as Olympic commemorative badges, and said they were of great collection value.Mr. Liu transferred 38,000 yuan to buy the souvenir. After receiving the souvenir, he found that the quality was not good and the invoice was not normal. After several attempts to return the souvenir, he found that the company had been cancelled.That is to say, when you find the “almighty scalper”, opening the package will become a blind box, you never know what is inside until you open it, and if you hold the money firmly in your hand, you will not let the cheater succeed!Network police remind during the Spring Festival, ice pier pier due to “a pier difficult to find” and hot search, media have learned from the relevant manufacturers, the reason for the shortage of inventory on the one hand is the lack of raw material supply, on the other hand is unable to normal production during the holiday.These two days, many manufacturers began to resume work, “a pier a melting” may be just around the corner.Beijing, Feb. 8 (Xinhua) — To achieve the goal of “one pier per household” and “every pier should be done”, the production of “Bing Dun dun” has resumed in an orderly manner and will take positive measures to promote the production of products, an official of the Beijing Winter Olympics organizing Committee said in an interview on February 8.Licensed merchandise for the Beijing Winter Olympics will be on sale at least until the end of June, so don’t worry.Our net police shu shu also remind you again, do not buy ice from unofficial channels!– the END —