Build the brand of “University scholar”!Panyu has joined hands with universities in the old city to build a theoretical research and practice teaching base for “Four Brilliant innovations”

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To give full play to the party school of “position” ACTS as a “melting pot” and the guangzhou university city college resources advantage, make university of “elegant” brand in guangzhou university city, March 30, in the afternoon, panyu district, the old city new energy, “four new” brilliant signing ceremony and the theory research and practice teaching base “online first class activities” was held in guangzhou university town.Signing ceremony signing ceremony in the form of “offline and online synchronous more”, panyu district party committee organization department, the ac and guangzhou university town panyu district party committee party school on behalf of the roadshow in the valley of wisdom hui guangzhou university town hall main through the online platform with south China university of technology, jinan university, south China normal university and other colleges and universities on behalf of the base rescues “the cloud” sign.At the signing ceremony, representatives from both sides of the school imagined the next development of the base.Chen Liangyou, deputy Secretary of party Committee of GUANGDONG University of Technology, spoke on behalf of the university.Chen Liangyou said that both sides uphold the construction concept of “complementing each other’s advantages, sharing resources, promoting each other and developing together”. On the basis of the cooperation framework agreement, both sides adhere to the guidance of Party building and further promote the implementation of the provincial Party Committee’s new round of three-year action plan for strengthening the construction of grassroots Party organizations.On the basis of theoretical research, the construction of cadre education and training courses, and the joint construction of primary-level Party organizations, we will explore closer cooperation points, explore the construction of demonstration projects and quality and excellence projects for Party building at all levels and of various types, and jointly create a new height for Party building.The party school of Panyu District said in a speech that the construction of the base opened a new chapter of the school’s prosperity and strength due to the city.Next, panyu district party committee party school will actively play a role of main channel of party members and cadres training main land, with foot to use various universities disciplines gathered collection, gathering of talents, cultural resources advantage, establish normalized cooperation mechanism, do best and stronger theory research and practice of the “double base” teaching, make university of “elegant” brand, to cultivate a large number of high-quality professional cadres to satisfy the needs of the new era,In order to accelerate the revitalization of panyu’s old city, we will provide strong theoretical, intellectual and talent support for its comprehensive urban function, comprehensive strength of urban culture, modern service industry and modern and international business environment.After the signing ceremony, the first class of the base officially “Cloud” began.Zhu Xuemei, dean of The School of Architecture and Urban Planning, Guangdong University of Technology, lectured “Lingnan Historical And Cultural Heritage Protection and Utilization and Value Reconstruction”.Old city new energy, it is understood that gives prize “four new” theory research and practice teaching bases as panyu district to build a ring of the party construction of college talent ecological ShiFanDai measures, will carry out “please come in” and “going out” the way of combining the organized training, research into, college teachers import and internship training in colleges and universities to build two-way communication channels of cooperation,With the help of external forces, internal forces and vitality, the channel for the dissemination and transformation of the theoretical achievements of colleges and universities in Panyu district was opened, and the modernization level of the ideological theories of the leading cadres and urban governance in Panyu District was promoted.Article/Photo: Panyu Rong media reporter Yuan Hui Xie Zhanlin