Cultural variety shows break aesthetic ceiling

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Peninsula all media reporter Wang Yue Li Yugang a song “Qingming Guest” brush screen!On April 4, Henan TV launched the “2022 Tomb-Sweeping Day Wonderful Tour”, based on “Xiyuan Ya Collection”, featuring songs, dances, operas and other traditional Chinese programs, giving a new interpretation of the unique emotional core of tomb-sweeping Day.From the Spring Festival of 2021 “Tang Palace Banquet”, to the cultural expression of the “Chinese festival” series, Henan SATELLITE TV, which has repeatedly produced explosive models, holds the traffic password.This year, cultural variety shows and evening parties with “Chinese festivals and Chinese solar terms” as the content of the program gradually become a trend, vertical segmentation is more obvious.Where is the beauty of “Qingming Wonderful Tour”?”Tang Palace Banquet”, “Luo Shen Fu”, “Dragon Gate”……Last year, Henan TV’s “Chinese Festival” magic tour series created the form of “network drama + network comprehensive”, while the 2022 Qingming Festival Magic Tour brings a new visual experience in the form of “drama within drama, painting within painting”.With the help of “Xiyuan Ya Jitu” its own segmentation scene description method, the director group broke through the concept of time and space narration of ya Jitu, organically inlaid songs, dances, operas and other programs in the spring party activities of the writers of the Song Dynasty, so as to achieve “both the people of ya jitu and the things outside of ya Jitu”.For example, after laughing, Fan Zhongyan and Ouyang Xiu staged a dance called “Long Journey”, showing the busy scene in the fields during Qingming Festival.Li Qingzhao and Qin Guan crabapple flowers under the word, integration of the scene customs performance “good spring near Qingming”, reproduction of the ancient outing riding and shooting, while dongfeng put the vitality of the kite…Also should be the theme of qingming painting screen from the wind.”Qingming Festival is both a solar term and a festival,” Chen Jia, chief director of “Qingming Festival,” told reporters. “There are both festivals of worship and missing, and also solar term outing activities, such as outing, kite flying, willow insertion, tug-of-war, cuju, so we should integrate the two.We chose to use the Chinese literati tradition of elegant collection and the natural characteristics of qingming solar term collision, common integration of such a form.With Chinese classical literature as a link, the program and the plot series, is the “Qingming Festival wonderful Tour” kind of innovation.”Each “wonderful tour” will have a lot of programs out of the circle.Dance “Thousands of miles of wind falling flowers”, in the form of dance to outline xin Qiji’s “golden horse and iron horse, brave as a tiger” gallop the battlefield, a brave young hero image, also describes the “forty-three years, can look back, the battle of the white happened” in the hands of the old man holding the pen of the tragic and stirring feelings.”(on the extension line” is one of the unity of nature and labor picture scroll, dancers from Chinese opera operan, in guilin landscape, with feet on ground to beat, song and dance, show a work happy and look forward to harvest the joy of the whole program using the han and tang dynasties classical dance body rhyme to modern choreography technique, poetry, music, dance aesthetic concept of the trinity.In the song “Qingming Festival Guest” performed by Li Yugang, the lyrics interpret a thought from the “mirror” perspective of zhuangzi · Qi Wu Theory, and integrate it into the real scene shooting of landscape and countryside, fully demonstrating the poetry and charm of homesickness in Qingming Festival, and also extending the meaning of inheriting family tradition and inheriting civilization.”24 Solar terms” into the creative direction of the expression of innovative cultural programs, Henan TV is the pioneer, so that it has mastered the “flow password” to become a frequent hot search.From last year’s “Yuanxiao wonderful tour”, Henan SATELLITE TV transformed the party form, the traditional cultural elements and song and dance program integration innovation, in the way of scene reproduction and time and space tour series, will be a large number of elements related to Chinese festival folklore traditional reproduction.This form was widely recognized by the audience after broadcast, and then created the series of “Chinese Festivals”, which launched corresponding special programs on Dragon Boat Festival, Double Seventh Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, Double Ninth Festival and other traditional festivals.And henan TV program will launch this year 12 period “Chinese solar terms” series, program includes the interpretation of each throttle seasonal, phenology, not only such, creators want to be able to explore more deep-seated problems – now solar terms in our lives, what still plays a role, bring us what kind of emotion?”The 24 solar terms were born in the age of agricultural civilization. They guide agricultural production, daily life, leisure and entertainment, and witness the changes of the earth in the four seasons. The deep connotation behind them reflects the Chinese spiritual philosophy of harmonious coexistence between man and nature.”The creators said that in each episode of the show, a related emotion will be extracted from it and integrated into the story.Similarly, zhejiang satellite TV will also be variety creation direction aiming to “twenty-four solar terms”, this year launched a new program “, good time in China, focusing on present unique to jiangnan culture of graceful and restrained and implicit beauty, in Song Yun, solar terms, for creative inspiration, to “put the throttle into day” as the theme, mining and jiangnan a generation of people since the style inheritance in seasonal solar terms.Cultural variety threshold “a rising tide lifts all boats” from the “festival” to “throttle”, from the studio to live, from virtual image to the film, creativity of cultural programs, ornamental, artistic quality continues to improve, with the literature, the integrated element such as drama, movies, dancing, drama and the concentration of rendering, the threshold of the cultural program “a rising tide lifts all boats,” aesthetic ceiling has been broken.”Chinese characters”, “idioms” and “poems” are often the subjects of cultural variety, mainly in the form of competition, answering questions, defending, attacking and so on.In recent years, with the vertical segmentation of the variety market, cultural variety also tends to diversify.In addition to the creative direction of “festivals and solar terms”, there are many special programs this year.Dragon TV, for example, launched the first classic text reading around show, “sven jiangnan”, focusing on the five jiangnan cultural landmarks, each scholar to invite famous for performing arts and culture, the combination of modern drama “wai reading” and Chinese traditional chanting, jointly interpret and culture hero around the circumference read classic text, pay tribute to China’s cultural hero.Guangdong TV launched China’s first large-scale acrobatic cultural program “Amazing four people”, with the innovative mode of “acrobatics +”, to help inherit the Chinese acrobatic art circle for thousands of years.In the second season of The show, 30 groups of elite acrobats from all over the country compete fiercely through four major competitions.There is also the “Grand Ceremony of Traditional Chinese Music” produced by Guangdong SATELLITE TV and Shanxi Satellite TV. The program has entered its fourth season, telling Chinese stories with traditional Chinese music, and letting the positive and elegant sound inherited from thousands of years resonate through the cultural context of the new era.The emergence of a series of popular programs, such as “Classical Songs spread”, “China in Classic Books”, “National Treasure”, “New Palace Museum” and “Dance for a Thousand years”, has stimulated the national DNA in many young people’s bodies while entertaining, and also looks forward to more programs that highlight cultural confidence.