Dong Lu revealed naturalized single!Does it matter if you’re not physically fit?Chinese soccer game after the luxury shopping was photographed

2022-06-27 0 By

Team’s 3-1 defeat to Vietnam who maybe can’t accept such a score, the 80% of fans are now refuses, indomitable spirit is right, but we still want to keep it real, although a lot of fans think Vietnam should to replay the game, but at the current month’s state of replay may lose more miserable, and worth our players to surpass Vietnam 5 times,This is either flashy, China in 0-3 situation, scored a goal but was called offside, this point is really uncomfortable, Vietnam a little more black whistle is also able to win the reason.And the team’s captain Wu Xi coach Li Xiaopeng has lost to Vietnam an apology, the team’s players on the pitch Zhu Chen jay even hide to cry, we also deeply see their efforts, but the reality is cruel, to see the team’s play we can feel it’s really something wrong with manual, player carrying the ball we never go to Vietnam for double, is waiting for the ball,We were too far away from the other team’s defense, and when we got the ball, Vietnam doubled two or three people at the same time, making a closed door to beat the dog, which would put pressure on the ball carrier.And both the media and fans after the team’s failure even official CCTV, are on the team’s brief and profound comments, we don’t have a lost should not lose the ball, at present, Alan, los national wealth has returned to Brazil for holiday, we naturalization trip over, more than a dozen naturalized players took away $20 is at least, they have been successful,The rest of my life is to eat, drink and be merry, look at the FOOTBALL association to do these things, surely you fans also have a lot of people with thousands of dollars of wages, but also wish the national football team to play a good bonus, really should be that sentence, you think the national football team is poor, the national football team laugh at you to pay the mortgage.The team’s players after losing to take bus, also appeared a scene, let the fans felt very angry, the team’s players in luxury bus unexpectedly to visit, have idea to shopping in the car, maybe he was thinking anyway lost the ball, the team’s so scold me I also used to immune, many fans also exactly is who, in colour the player should be dismissed,We can’t even let him play in the Chinese Super League.Since has lost the game, you can have a good rest for a few days, the Buddha west lie flat is probably the team’s current status, anyway, the football association on domestication spent billions, oneself take hundreds of thousands of also not much, the team’s losing it doesn’t matter the key is attitude, Mr Chen is the most should go now, the team’s money wisely, to los national wealth, fernando messing around to let them play with at home and abroad,Dong Lu revealed luo Guofu is still single, do not know how many girls Huo Huo, I hope there is no Chinese, this kind of German player dismissed as soon as possible is the best.