Gonggeng historical facts (2) Nanyang local Chronicles in the end is not historical evidence?

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Wu Shiwan, who had no historical records, was now keen on using the local Chronicles of Nanyang as evidence, taking the legends in the Chronicles as evidence, and drawing maps with the title: The records of the local Chronicles of Nanyang showed the history of Zhuge Liang’s migration from north to south.Is nanyang local Chronicles historical facts?Let’s have a look at what records are in nanyang local Chronicles!1, The Ming and Qing Dynasties nanyang county records: “Ye County Beiping hill, the existing sui Kaihuang two years broken stone cloud: here there is the old grave ruins, Gaoyang Huali.””Zhuge Liang’s Old Tomb ruins” is related to Zhuge Liang, and this logic of creating historical materials is strange. Even so, the local Chronicles of Nanyang do not fully support the claim that Ye County was zhuge Liang’s residence.”Ming Jiajing Nanyang Fu Zhi notes” records: “or after the bright people have lived this is not the bright grandfather.”2, “Ming Jiajing Yuzhou Chronicles” contained: “Zhuge Nunnery in the east of the mouth of shixia, hereditary Zhuge Kongming began to end nunnery in this, after the nunnery was destroyed by fire, then lived in Nanyang.Today people still build MAO Temple, there are small stone records “.A “pass” word, prove that this is a legend, can not be a letter history.3. The local Chronicles of Nanyang in Ming and Qing Dynasties recorded The city of Wan wolonggang.The site was first recorded in the “Yuan Yi Tong Zhi” : “Wolong Gang, in nanyang county boundaries, Zhuge Kongming gonggeng land, and Jingzhou record cloud: Nanyang County west seven li alone leshan, Zhuge Kongming taste this mountain for Liang Fu Yin.”Here, “Yuan Unified Records” tampered with ancient books, “Jingzhou Records” in the original text of “Dengcheng west seven li” duleshan tampered with “Nanyang County west seven li”, the rest of the word did not change.Can the “cultivated land” created by tampering with historical data be the real thing?I think everyone with a conscience knows that.4. Annals of Tang He County in the Qing Dynasty: “Zhuge Zhuang is more than forty li to the west of the county, located in the west of Tongzhai Pu. In the fifty-second year of qianlong in the Qing Dynasty, the land was ploughed and stone tablets were obtained.Is “legend”, is only “Zhuge” two words!As long as there are “Zhuge” two words can go to zhuge Liang body gather together!As long as it is a legend, can be trusted history!This is the proof of Wushiwan!5, “Qing Xinye County records” records “Zhuge Zhuang, southeast 45 miles wild Baigang, this is the Jade Emperor Temple.The old well still exists.Nanyang Wollonggang tablet Yin load new field five ares, zhang Zhang.”This so-called “Nanyang Wollonggang tablet Yin” is which tablet?Who met?Does someone say it has something to do with Zhuge Liang?Not a word.Or rely on “Zhuge” touch porcelain Zhuge Liang, and then play the imagination to fabricate.The above is one of Wu Shiwan’s favorite quotes from nanyang local Chronicles.Because it’s good for No Shrek, they can make up all kinds of stories.But the nanyang local Chronicles have not been completed.6, “Ming Jiajing Dengzhou Annals” records: “twelve years, prepare three gu Zhuge Kongming in Longzhong.This pass Xu Shu see in xinye, prepare the utensil.Zhuge kongming recommended home in Nanyang dengxian number said Longzhong.”7, “Ming Jiajing Nanyang Fu Zhi notes” records: “Bright three kingdoms volume 35 legend Yue Liang Wei In Jingzhou study tour, every morning and night often hold the knee loud.Han Jingzhou shi zhi Xiangyang, by nanyang County.Liang home in the west of xiangyang city twenty miles is Nanyang County Deng County, so liang claimed to gonggeng Nanyang.8, “Qing Qianlong Xinye County records:” Jian ‘an twelve years……Is the year (Liu Bei) three gu Zhuge Liang in Longzhong……Zhuge Liang word Kongming, this langya people, living in Longzhong Xiangyang….”9, “Qing Guangxu Nanyang County annals” record: “But han Jingzhou eight counties nanyang first, Xiangyang (Longzhong) four (real) deng County li Nanyang, so Hou Zibiao called ‘gonggeng Nanyang’.The Han jin Spring and Autumn period also called the liangjia Nanyang dengxian twenty miles west of the city of Xiangyang, in order to push it, Nanyang si Hou Gu Yi dynasties, so far built to live like, and Longzhong said, in order to see hou de moving deep, and the good of the people, you with the former because of the move, don’t dare to waste the situation.The above-mentioned nanyang local records clearly, affirmed xiangyang city west twenty miles of Nanyang Deng County long for gonggeng ground, for three gu ground.These local records of Nanyang have never been mentioned since the beginning of history, because they are not good for them.Looking at the above nanyang local records, I have believed Wu Shi Wan’s theory about Zhuge Liang’s migration from north to south.The history of Zhuge Liang’s migration from north to south is clearly recorded in the local Chronicles of Nanyang.First ye County, then to Fangcheng Shixiakou, then via Wan City Baligang, then to Tang He Zhuge Zhuang, and then to Xinye Tongzhai Pu, finally settled in The west of Xiangyang City twenty miles in Nanyang Deng County Longzhong.This path and the flames of war in the nanyang area of the spread of the process is completely consistent.According to Wushiwan, the story should be like this: Zhuge Liang went south with his uncle from Langya in Xuzhou to Join Liu Biao in Jingzhou.First settled in Ye County.Later, Cao Cao decided to invade the south, so Zhuge Liang and his family settled down in Shixiakou, Fangcheng.Later, Cao Cao launched a war against The City of Wan. Zhuge Liang went south again, probably passing by Baligang of Wan.After all, the gang is located in the traffic, it is possible to pass through the gang for a night.Zhuge Liang moved to Tang River and Zhuge Zhuang to escape the war of Wan City.After the battle of Wan Cheng, Cao Cao again attacked Huyang, which was held by Deng Ji, general of Liu Biao.Zhuge Liang was forced to go south again and move to Xinye Ye Bai Gang.As Liu Biao, Zhang Xiu and Cao Cao were fighting in the north of Nanyang, Zhuge Liang decided to move his family to Longzhong, Deng County, nanyang, on the south bank of the Han River, in order to avoid frequent disturbances.First close to the political and academic center of Xiangyang, convenient study, know the world;Second, it is close to the in-laws of the two sisters, so that it is convenient to visit relatives.Three to close with friends Xu Shu, Cui Zhouping home in Tanxi, convenient contact.So Zhuge Liang settled down in Longzhong until Liu Bei visited the cottage three times.The local Chronicles of Nanyang give us the outline of how perfect the ending.As for the records of nanyang local Chronicles, either all the records were accepted or none were accepted at all. Wu Shiwan’s selective adoption of nanyang local Chronicles was not studying history, but putting together so-called evidence and making up stories to deceive people.# nanyang headlines ## Xiangyang headlines ## History ## Historical cold knowledge #