Ice pier pier burst behind the fire, the accident “with fire” a Chinese company, 3 days out of 3 daily limit

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Although the 2022 Winter Olympics are far less significant than the 2008 Beijing Olympics, the Games have remained the focus of national attention since its opening.At the same time, the Games have become an unexpected fashion machine.For example, the down jacket of Anta, the official partner of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, which was unveiled at the opening ceremony, has been urged by many netizens to be officially put on sale.Compared to Anta’s down jacket, Bing Dwen Dwen, one of the Mascots of the Winter Olympics, is a real hit.I learned that on February 4, the opening day of the Beijing Winter Olympics, people lined up in front of the East Olympics flagship store in Gongmei Building in Wangfujing, waiting to buy bing Dandan.On the same day, the Official Tmall Olympic flagship store sold out 5,000 bingdandan in just 15 minutes.But these ice piers piers for domestic consumers are just a drop in the ocean, so did not grab the consumer began to high price “pier”.Through some channels to store the scalpers, but also while the heat continues to drive up the market price of ice Dun Dun, but even so, or failed to resist the enthusiasm of the People want to ice Dun Dun.Up to now, Bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Winter Olympic Games, is still hard to find, which makes many netizens lament that this is the charm of Ding Liu.In fact, the charm of “Top Flow” Bing Dwen Dwen is more than that. The popularity of the mascot has even made one of the manufacturers behind it a new focus of attention in the secondary market.A Chinese company has been caught on fire by accident. The manufacturer is yuanlong Yatu, the only listed company qualified to produce Bingdudun and Xuerrong plush toys.Benefiting from the popularity of Bing Dun dun, Yuan Long Yatu was accidentally brought to fire. On February 7, the first trading day of the Year of the Tiger after the Spring Festival holiday, As “Bing Dun dun concept shares” Yuan Long Yatu ushered in a word limit.In the following two days of time, Yuan Long yatu also trading, three days out of the three trading board, its high heat can be seen.According to public information, as early as 2018, Yuanlong Yatu was awarded by the Organizing Committee of the Olympic Games, Beijing 2022 Licensed retailer and licensed manufacturer qualification.Over the next three years, Mr. Motoon made a fortune from the Winter Olympics franchise.From 2019 to the first half of 2021, yuanlong Yatto’s Winter Olympics franchise revenue totaled nearly 180 million yuan, according to public data.In the first half of 2021, the revenue share of the Wonlong Yatu Winter Olympics franchise grew to 6.27%.In my opinion, thanks to the opening of the Winter Olympics and the explosive popularity of Bing Dwen Dwen, the company will perform even better in the first half and even the full year of 2022.In this regard, yuenlong Yatu staff also revealed that: Bingdendun after the Opening of the Winter Olympics sales, almost catch up with the overall sales of the previous two years.However, the surge in sales may not last long, as the “top flow” usually cools off after the Games.Therefore, for yuan-long Yatu this enterprise, also need to seek other growth points of performance.In addition, after a detailed understanding, it can also be seen that licensed commodity business is not the main business of Yuanyuan Yatu.Established in 1998, the first a-share gift enterprise mainly relies on gifts and promotional services in terms of revenue.In addition to joining hands with the Winter Olympics, Yuanlong Yatu also signed a contract with Universal Pictures related IP, and signed a contract with Wuliangye Group to provide gifts for the Forbidden City.In 2020, Yuan Lung Yatto’s revenue from gift sales reached 1.14 billion yuan, compared with less than 90 million yuan from precious metals and licensed goods.However, Yamato also seems to want to make a change, in recent years to try new business, is now a metauniverse trend.But the capital investment of these new businesses led to yuan-long Yatu cash flow pressure, only by the popularity of bing Dun dun, I am afraid that yuan-long Yatu can not find the right direction.