Jishou city, the second batch of stationed investment personnel concentrated “charging” ready to go

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Jishou city held the opening ceremony of the training session for the second batch of investment promotion personnel on February 5, the fifth day of the first lunar month.Jishou Municipal Party secretary Li Shixing made the opening class mobilization speech, city leaders Xie Dang, Li Mengtao, Yang Changsong, Shi Yuanyun, Wang Hongjun, Wu Fei attended the meeting.Since the first batch of investment promotion personnel stationed in Jishou went out on January 2, 2022, investment promotion teams stationed in Shanghai, Shenzhen, Fujian and Changsha have achieved phased results. In just one month, 16 industrial and tourism projects with a total investment of 8.82 billion yuan have been introduced to Invest in Jishou.In order to further expand coverage for jishou’s investment promotion and capital introduction, extend “merchants map” to beijing-tianjin-hebei, chengdu-chongqing region, and other key domestic and developed areas, form a pattern of domestic investment big, preempt the development opportunities and commanding heights, jishou municipal party committee, municipal government arrangement deployment stagnation point investment stagnation and chongqing China merchants group in Beijing, constantly enrich investment strength, expand investment coverage.Li Shixing pointed out at the opening meeting that at present, with the operation of Zhangjihuai high-speed railway, Jishou location advantage is further highlighted, the development foundation is further consolidated, and the development vitality is further enhanced.The second batch of investment attraction team should have confidence, determination and ability to do a good job in investment attraction, focus on key industrial projects, strive to introduce large projects and large enterprises, fully implement the strategy of “strengthening The prefecture”, and promote the high-quality development of Jishou.Li Shixing requirements, the stagnation point group to go all out to catch investment, time of concentration, focus, focus, focus resources, pays special attention to the investment promotion work, internal enterprise service, the optimization of investment promotion and capital introduction business environment as jishou soft power, create good environment for investment promotion and capital introduction project implement landing, make jishou seize investment the commanding heights of the wuling mountainous area.To firmly grasp the stationing investment promotion, the organization of stationing investment promotion is a way of investment promotion with successful experience tested by practice. Stationing investment promotion personnel should get through investment promotion channels, use all kinds of information resources, increase docking and tracking efforts, and ensure that more high-quality projects settle in Jishou.We should focus on the industrial chain to attract investment, aiming at industrial projects, especially the characteristic industries of our city, to carry out industrial chain investment promotion, promote the scale development of industrial clusters, and help The high-quality development of Jishou economy to take greater steps.Focus on high-end investment, high quality development, not only investment more to choose business, focus on driving ability of large enterprises, leading enterprises, the “attract strong” as the focus of chain, chain and strong chain work.Based on the reality, we should focus on the strategy of “strengthening the prefecture” and the development orientation of Jizou. Centering on creating the core growth pole in the prefecture and realizing the role of the eight counties and cities as “leading geese”, we should strive to achieve the goal of achieving 35% of the total economic output in the prefecture by the end of the 14th Five-year Plan, and make wuling mountain area and the border areas of the four provinces occupy the industrial commanding heights with scarce resources.The investment plan should be made rationally and scientifically according to the actual situation of each stationed investment attraction area and jishou development reality.To strictly adhere to the discipline of investment, firmly establish a sense of discipline, strict work discipline, standardize the code of investment, investment “bottom line”, and strive to build a strong ability, strict discipline, the style of real “investment iron army”.Li Shixing stressed that the stagnation of China merchants group is the pioneer in the development of jishou, representing the state image, must reinforce our confidence determination, not people’s expectations, give play to their respective advantages, investment in the battlefield out of sheer resilience and drive, complete tasks assigned by the municipal party committee and municipal government, struggling to create a jishou 2022 new investment promotion and capital introduction work situation.Investment promotion business training was also held after the meeting.Source: Jishou Rong Media Center author: Wang Zhuo Correspondent: Zhang Lixia Editor: Li Kun