Nowadays Chinese New Year, why do we always feel like Sunday?

2022-06-27 0 By

Now the New Year is not as busy as before, did not hear the deafening sound of firecrackers, did not see the dazzling ball.The Novel Coronavirus also limits our footsteps and makes our speech weak.The progress and development of an era, after all, some old things to die out, while the new things in the gradual growth, everything like wheels rolling forward.The development of scientific and technological information makes mobile phones our only partner, and we can do what we want to do on mobile phones.Spring Festival is 365 days in a year. We summarize the situation of the whole year and make new plans for the next year.Chinese New Year, the people who owe money should return money;Chinese New Year, organs, units, groups to send some gifts, reward employees love for a year, send some welfare, to express gratitude.Children grow a year older, life matures day by day;Older people are warned to take care of themselves as they get older;The learner checks his or her achievement and lays a good foundation for next year’s improvement.Chinese folk artists, contemporary writers, painters feng jincai said: “some people think that the Spring Festival we feel without ceremony, as Christmas in the west, the west to put a Christmas tree and sing Christmas songs, Christmas Eve, and our Spring Festival has been interpreted as a happy playing games, big eve TuanYuanYan on a table, eat dumplings, and then fly off firecrackers.This is a big misunderstanding.Our Spring Festival used to have a strong sense of ceremony, but now the traditional sense of ceremony has been forgotten by us.It’s a huge cultural loss problem.”Once upon a time, people have to celebrate the New Year to worship their ancestors, offering sacrifices to the god of wealth, the king of the kitchen, the New Year has become a custom.Although in the cold winter, people Revere the god of heaven and earth.Nowadays, the whole family gets together and has a family reunion dinner.Firecrackers are also banned now.Due to the epidemic, we all celebrated the Spring Festival locally in order to protect ourselves.New Year invisible is desalted.Anyway, some people let us go back to the past that time, I think no one would like to go back, although the Chinese New Year is really busy at that time, but at that time, people’s life is relatively poor, 365 days a year, waiting for the Chinese New Year these geniuses to change the ordinary life of simple food.Chinese New Year, adults will say: children Chinese New Year, adults pass.During the Spring Festival gala on Beijing SATELLITE TV, actor Liang Tian said, “At our age, we have seen what we should see and eaten what we should eat, so we should be happy.”Whether young, or middle-aged, may happiness always around us, may health always accompany us, even though the New Year, we also want to make every day meaningful.