Seed children with a love of ice and snow sports

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According to Guangming Daily, in the indoor snow and ice training ground of Shennongjia Forest Experimental Primary School in Hubei province, a group of children can often be seen walking on beautiful dry skis, wearing professional snow helmets and protective gear, taking dry skiing lessons.The physical education teacher teaches the ski technical essentials professionally, and guides the practical operation training in groups;All the children practiced very hard and skated well.”The students are going to the ski resort for a week of closed training, so they are working very hard.”Shennongjia forest experimental primary school principal Wang Xianbin introduced.Shennongjia Forest Experimental Primary School began ice and snow sports into the campus, classroom and other activities in 2019, and was awarded the “Winter Olympic Games and Winter Paralympic Games demonstration school” by the General Administration of Sport of China.”In non-snow season, our school makes full use of roller skating training to master skills,” said Wang xianbin.During the skiing season, we organize students to go to Shennongjia International Ski Resort for 5 days and 4 nights of fully closed research training, and select some potential children in the training process for key training.”Talking about the changes that skiing brings to children, Wang Xianbin said that children experience collective life, care for each other and help each other in ice and snow sports.”I hope to sow the seeds of love for snow and ice sports in children and help shennongjia snow and ice Sports become a long-term and sustainable development project.”Borrow our country to host the 2022 winter Olympics, shennongjia ice industry rapid rise, at the same time, thanks to the guidance of China ice conference, positive response in shennongjia forest region, called “ice and snow sports into campus”, enriching the content of sports teaching activities, and improve the campus of ice and snow sports penetration, the ice and snow sports “ice-breaking” set sail on the campus, now,Ice and snow sports into the campus in Shennongjia have formed a full coverage.Shennongjia, located in the west of Hubei Province, has an average elevation of 1,700 meters and six peaks above 3,000 meters, making it known as the “Roof of Central China”.The local latitude, temperature, humidity and height are special, and the natural snow resort has good snow quality and ice and snow sports experience, making it a natural base for developing ski sports.In 2004, the first ski resort was built here, making it one of the earliest areas south of the Yellow River to conduct ice and snow programs.After more than 10 years of development, there are now 1 ski resort and 3 driving ranges in the area, with a total area of more than 450,000 square meters, which is the largest ski resort gathering area in the central region with the largest reception volume.Secretary of the party committee in shennongjia forest region, feng wei introduces, in recent years, forest region closely rely on school physical education, practice curriculum, school-based curriculum and research learning curriculum, popularizing the winter Olympics in history and the knowledge of the ice and snow sports, curling, roller skating and so on movement into the campus to land, ice and snow sports courses, set up corporate or interest group, to form a student snow and ice project teams,Organize PE teachers and external coaches to improve students’ competitive level of ice and snow sports, stimulate the enthusiasm of teenagers to participate in ice and snow sports, and greatly increase the popularity of ice and snow sports.Shennongjia Experimental Junior High School, the first to practice “ice and snow sports into the campus”, has set up an ice and snow sports team since 2016 and hired professional coaches to help students train.From 2017 to 2020, this “Shanliwa ski team” participated in provincial competitions on behalf of the forest region and national competitions on behalf of Hubei Province, and achieved excellent results.”By promoting ice and snow sports on campus, students are more confident, not afraid of difficulties in study and more eager to study.”Headmaster Li Guohui said.At shennongjia Innovation School, the blue-and-white “China Ice and Snow Wall” flanking the entrance stands out.There are the origin of human skiing, the introduction of the title of the ancient ski poles, as well as colorful student hand-painted winter Olympics bulletin board.What is more unexpected to visitors is that there is an ice and snow corner jointly built by teachers and students, displaying skiing equipment.”This is my ski. It’s a little wider at the back than the front. It’s a racing ski.”Ren Zhengwei from Class 1 grade 4 volunteered to introduce a variety of skiing equipment, “when skiing, wear a helmet and snow goggles, helmet can better protect the head from injury, snow goggles can avoid snow blindness.”In order to solve the problem of coach shortage, in mid-November 2021, the forest district government and the education and sports department specially hired athletes from the former national ski team to shennongjia to conduct coaching and training for local physical education teachers.After three stages of theoretical learning, skills teaching and on-site assessment, 32 teachers from 12 schools with qualified results were awarded the certificate of completion of cross-country skiing coach training class issued by The Chinese Ski Association.Shennongjia International ski resort, is the largest ski resort in the forest region, with primary, middle and senior 13 ski slopes, as an important interface for docking shennongjia forest region ice and snow sports into campus activities, it also undertakes the annual shennongjia forest school ice and snow research mission.As one of the bases of ice and snow research, the international ski resort has been popularizing ice and snow sports by launching ice and snow winter camp and setting up shennongjia ice and snow sports team.”To further promote ice and snow sports into the campus, Shennongjia International Ski Resort built a research building in 2019, which can accommodate more than 600 students at the same time.Winter research activities are also progressing smoothly.Shennongjia International ski resort general manager Yuan Fanglin told reporters.Shennongjia Forest education bureau related person in charge told reporters, ice and snow sports into the campus activities, not only make students experience the fun of ice and snow sports, stimulate their sports potential and sports enthusiasm, but also the school actively respond to the “double reduction” policy, accelerate the integration of sports and education development of concrete practice.The forest district will continue to further promote campus ice and snow sports, and further improve the level of ice and snow sports for teenagers in the forest district.Reporter Wang Dong statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email or wechat, we will deal with it in a timely manner.Email address:;Wechat id: Jiupai6688 (Note to add and withdraw)