“Tea and rice”, a mountain flavor of Ankang in southern Shaanxi

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“Human fireworks taste, the most touching people.”Since the outbreak, people who stay at home have learned to cook a few home-cooked dishes for their families, which has also strengthened the bonds between families.Back to nature, we are qinba mountain children, since childhood, what we hear most is the evaluation of housewives “tea”, “wang’s daughter-in-law tea is good, Zhang’s sister-in-law tea is good, learn from your mother-in-law tea” and so on.”Tea and rice” refers to the food culture of people in ankang mountain area of southern Shaanxi. “Tea” refers to the Shaanxi green tea that we have been drinking for thousands of years.”Rice” is cooking meals. In order to adjust the meals of the family, the master mother in the mountainous area also needs to plant vegetables, raise chickens and pigs, etc. The task of planting grain and collecting firewood is generally handed over to men.Although xiaobian sisters and brothers were born in towns, their parents were busy with work and business. When it came to summer and winter holidays, they were picked up by their relatives in the mountains, such as grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts and uncles. It was called “old people want grandchildren”, and we enjoyed it.So winter and summer vacation into the mountains to enjoy the mountain flavor of “tea and rice”, has become the biggest childhood fun of our children after 70.Let’s start with “tea taste”. The old tea garden of the General Forest Farm of my grandmother’s house completes the task of purchasing and selling tea in the supply and marketing association every year, and the villagers can go up the mountain to pick “two teas”.When the morning mountain fog hasn’t dispersed, grandma back big ku basket, give me back a small basket, went up the hill, their cattle and sheep when I got up too early, is in a daze all the way, such as spirit woke up when I arrive in the tea garden, the grandmother picked tea fresh leaf is one bud two trilobites, speed is that soon, one in the morning is a big basket, my little basket is a little bit small bud leaves.When I got home, I hung the fresh tea on a bamboo sieve to dry. I had to cook for my grandparents and uncles first.After dinner, the big iron pot was cleaned and heated, and began to fry tea.The aroma of tea floated down the roof to the old aunt and uncle there, the old man with a walking stick to help knead tea, add fire.The newly fried tea is not drinkable, so it needs to be dried for another day. On the third day, it needs to be baked in a charcoal bamboo cage. When it is “fully dry”, it can be packed into the pocket and stored tightly.In addition to send some to long life, and the rest to be saved a year of a cup of tea, so I and my grandmother are understaffed, aunt and sister also to help pick fresh leaves, then knead together tea tea, every night in my grandpa took advantage of the said anything when he found a fire, and burn some potato tuber as “snack” to us, even if there is no seasoning powder, powder, sweet, very delicious!The newly fried tea strips are not pretty, but they smell very sweet, like boiling tender corn, and then boil a pot of mountain spring water from the water spring pit, full of fragrance!In fact, each pot of tea is not exactly the same, but at that time, as long as I smell the aroma like boiling tender corn, I know it is familiar with the “mountain” taste.”Food” is the life of the human fireworks flavor.From the 1980s to the 1990s, people in the ankang mountain area had a diet of “mixed grains, melons and vegetables”, because the harvest of white rice flour, which is native to the mountain area, was not good. The only food for guests was the cold water rice harvested in the “Lei Gong Field”, such as gray and white rice, red and red fragrant rice, purple and black purple and black rice. The yield was very small.In addition to our children and to the guest occasionally alone to a pure “red rice” and “steamed bread cake”, most are my grandmother and my aunt do eat rice, pumpkin rice, peas, two mixed noodles, corn Jane sauerkraut LAN rice, etc., coupled with fresh fire ground pepper “and wild small garlic, even without a drop of oil to spilt the, as long as have the taste of salt, is still very next meal,Everyone ate well satisfied!With the development of agricultural science and technology, in the mountains of ankang “tripterygium wilfordii field” also gradually becomes a high yield of water-saving irrigation terraces, high-yielding hybrid rice – shanyou japonica rice, purple rice, red rice – ruby, black rice, black handsome alpine cold water quality such as rice, gradually increase the yield, farmers themselves not only eat enough, and output to get the market share.”Tea” is still the old tea garden. After many technological upgrading and transformation, the old tea garden that has been fallow for many years has been revitalized. The good ecology of Tianbao forest area is nourished by organic farm manure, which is more fresh and sweet than before.Dragon Boat Festival is coming, far away from you, do you want to think of the taste of home “tea and rice”?Do you still want to taste the aroma of “tea and rice” in the mountainous area in a big city full of tall buildings?Stay tuned for more surprises!, 00:09, 00:09, 00:09 Graphic from Derun Se-enriched tea.