The three most mysterious Taoist practices

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Daoism is called daoism.In Taoism, there are three most mysterious skills that are not easily taught.The first of these is the Fruu.The talisman is said to have been given to the Yellow Emperor by the Queen Mother of the West and is the secret code of Taoism.In Taoism, the talisman has a special magical effect.There is a difference between the fruu and the fruu.Is the zhouzhou text and star ray; it is the calligrapher’s lines of cloud-pattern and phoenix-bird pattern, which is the force of clouds and stars;The fruu is the name of the celestial officials and the shoulu, and the talisman used the eye to bring the god he called into the talisman.The fruu is derived from the ancient Chinese tradition of fruity, and is derived from the theory of the interaction between heaven and man.GuangWuDi started of the eastern han dynasty, when someone give operators “red FuFu”.One of the written records: “Liu Xiu sent troops to catch the road, four yi gathered dragon dou wild, four seven when the fire is given top.”Later, Liu Xiu succeeded and took the five elements of fire as the virtue of the dynasty.In Taoism, the fruu is believed to be able to communicate with the heavenly gods, desist the earth and exorcise evil spirits.Therefore, when a Taoist priest enters the Tao, he must first impart a talisman.The second secret is chi.Taoism believes that everything in heaven and earth is made up of qi.Even Lao Tzu is also “a loose form for gas, form together for too old gentleman”, later more “a gasification of three qing”.There are nature and nurture of qi.After the birth of the mother, all mortals are endowed with the acquired qi.One of the goals of Taoist practice is to cultivate the acquired qi into the innate qi.The gods in heaven have the innate qi. As long as they cultivate the innate qi, taoists can pass through the innocence and have the unmatched supernatural powers.There are three levels of Taoist cultivation.The first pass is refining refined gas.In fact, before the beginning of the pass, there is a preparatory work, that is: refining refining.To convert acquired chi into innate essence.The beginning of the pass will be the essence of the innate into the innate gas, Taoist priests generally need 100 days to succeed, so it is also called the 100 days pass.Pass refining gasification of God, after pass refining god also virtual.These are the systematic engineering of life and soul in Taoist cultivation.Condensing essence, gas, god as the basic skills, in order to ingest a priori gas as a tactic.Many Taoists enjoy it all their lives.The third secret is medicine.Taoism has the tradition of paying more attention to food, which is related to the Chinese concept of supplementing shape with shape.The legend of the elixir of immortality has long been circulating in China.Believing the rumors, The First Emperor of the Qin Dynasty sent several envoys to the East China Sea to seek the medicine of immortality.Found that after a large number of pit kill fang — the so-called pit Confucianism actually has misinformation.Emperor Wu of The Han Dynasty also went the way of The First Emperor of Qin, and the Internal Biography of Emperor Wudi of the Han Dynasty has been circulated, and the Queen Mother of the West is linked with Emperor Wudi.Folk then have hou Yi from the Queen mother of the West to obtain the immortality of medicine, chang ‘e secretly eat the beautiful legend of the moon palace.As well as the west queen mother flat peach garden of various varieties of immortal peach, are based on the legend of the immortal medicine.Taoism was obviously influenced by the legend of the undead medicine.However, the Taoist cultivation of immortals is contrary to heaven, they believe that “my destiny is determined by me not by heaven”.The elixir of immortality given by the gods was considered impossible by the Taoist priests.Taoist practitioners often choose remote mountains and forests, so they must know a certain degree of medical science.The combination of these factors led the Taoist priests after the Qin and Han dynasties to invent the most important secret practice of Taoism: alchemy.Taoism outer Dan, mainly with red sand as raw material, supplemented by gold, silver, zeng Qing, sulfur, pistillate and so on all kinds of metals, minerals.Modern people know that the pills produced by these things must be extremely poisonous.The emperors and nobles who died of erysipelas were not in a minority.Since alchemy is the secret of the Taoist priest, posterity has no way to know the utility of its outer Dan.Two Jin time makes a person smell of the color of the five stone powder, is to five minerals as raw materials, for the treatment of some specific disease curative effect, but also has obvious side effects.So Dan fang was later destroyed.Fu, qi and medicine are the highest secrets of daoshu.Through these aspects of cultivation, taoists claim that they can thus achieve enlightenment.After being refined, taoists can also use these daoism to benefit all living beings.When the current science is bright, people are afraid that they can only take these secrets as a conversation over dinner?The ancients sweat and sweat, in exchange for today’s a sigh.