Why do pedestrians prefer to buy the 12gen i5 over the 11gen i7?Intel is finally getting serious

2022-06-27 0 By

Over the past three years, Intel’s situation has deteriorated.Under the impact of AMD+ Taiwan semiconductor, Intel’s unbeaten position in the PC industry has begun to totter.Take last year’s situation for example, I5 11400H is a 10nm process, 6 cores and 12 threads.R5 5600H is a 7nm process with 6 cores and 12 threads.Both cpus are mid-range products of the same class with similar performance, except that AMD has better multi-core performance and Intel has better single-core performance.However, it should be noted that WITH the addition of TSMC’s 7nm process, AMD has better performance in low power consumption, that is, higher power consumption ratio.As we all know, Intel has lost a lot of market to AMD after the pain, 11 generation Core has been afraid to squeeze toothpaste.As an entry-level core for mobile terminals, I5 11400H uses 6 cores and 12 threads for the first time, and its performance comprehensively surpasses that of the previous generation i7-10875H, which was unimaginable before.But even so, the core 11 was left behind by AMD.What’s more, in a more dangerous sign, Starting in 2020, Apple’s Macs ditched Intel in favor of its own ARM processors, known as the M1 series.Intel is suffering an unprecedented crisis, so to speak, and everyone seems to be abandoning it.Would you rather buy the 12th generation i5 than the 11th generation i7?After the i5-12500h running score test came out, PC enthusiasts immediately reached a consensus: they would rather buy the 12th generation i5 than the 11th generation i7.To be honest, in previous years, it would have been unthinkable for the i5 to surpass the I7 in just one generation.But in the past two years, similar miracles have been repeated, and it seems Intel is getting serious.Take i5-12500H, which is widely carried in the current mainstream game, as an example. It adopts Intel 10nm technology, and adopts the mixed architecture of 4 large cores +8 small cores for the first time, with a total of 12 cores and 16 threads.The core frequency can reach 4.5GHz, and the triple cache is 18MB.In Cinebench R23, i5-12500H has a single-core run score of 1696 and a multi-core run score of 13250.The running score of i7-11800H is 1500 points for single core and 12,300 points for multi-core.That is to say, compared with the previous generation i7, i5-12500H CPU single-core improved by 13%, CPU multi-core improved by 7%, can be said to be a comprehensive crushing.The only difference is that the i5-12500h only has 18MB level 3 cache, while the i7-11800h has a whopping 24MB level 3 cache.But in any case, although the level 3 cache is very important, but CPU single-core is the most important, directly related to the performance of large single-player games.One of the two choices, of course, is generation 12 i5.In conclusion, the CPU performance of the i5-12500h not only exceeds that of the 11-generation I7, but also exceeds that of the 11-generation I9, which can be said to be the biggest improvement in recent years.Not only that, I5-12500H CPU single-core performance is still ahead of AMD, and the multi-core performance is also beyond the R7-6800H, can be said to be a complete corner overtaking.Is the so-called poor is born change, 12 generation core is in this critical moment of life and death, born out of the tour de force.If you plan to change the game book in 2022, I suggest you do not choose 11 generation Core anymore. It is not appropriate to get on the car at this time.What do you think about this? Welcome to discuss with us.