All corners of the country story: the movie star chongqing makes the film propaganda, wen erge drives away shanxi richest man

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In 2005, Korean movie star Kim So-seon visited Sichuan and Chongqing to promote tang s movie “Shinhwa.”A few Mercedes Benz with Shanxi license plates came to the scene of the activity. A fat man came down from the car. It was s Zhaohui, the richest man in Shanxi.Lin zhaohui took more than 10 horse to find the person in charge of the activity scene, said: “I am a fan of Jin Mou Shan, specially from Shanxi, I want to sing with her” myth “this song, the price is free.”After discussion, the producers said that they could sing a song for 2 million yuan.Lin Zhaohui, the richest man in Shanxi, listened to only 2 million, feeling a little little, and said I give 3 million.Voice just fall, two people come over behind, say: “you this money today spend not go out, give how much money all useless.”Li Would look back at the two people behind him and say, “Who are you?”At that time, the bodyguard behind Li Zhaohui was surrounded by the one wearing glasses.Behind wearing glasses came out a person said: “You don’t even know my second brother, you still dare to come to Chongqing?Take your fish and your shrimp and get the hell out of here.With these words, his hand took out a handful of 77 from his back and gave it to Li Zhaohui.Li would shake his legs and say, “You are brother Wen. Today is a misunderstanding. Let’s go.”He took off with his bodyguard.Activity scene, wen erge came to the front of the program group steward, said: “is not three million?No problem. I’ll give you five million just to take Miss King to dinner.”Steward of a look, this style can not afford to provoke, put the Jin Xishan please come out, on the car of the second brother, straight to the bright teahouse.Two people entered bright spot teahouse “999” pack room.Wen said: “We warm up, singing a song” myth “.In this way, the two of them finished singing and began to feast.The meal lasted six and a half hours before Kim was sent back to the hotel.The next day, the head of the program to wen erge call to settle the bill.Wen said: “You come to the bright teahouse at three o ‘clock in the afternoon to take money.”The program director arrived at the bright Spot teahouse at 2:30 p.m.At that time, the reception was huang Daiqiang, an effective general under Wen Qiang.Huang Daiqiang directly put a 774 on the table, say: “I see you dare to take?”At that time, the head of the program was scared to shake both legs, said: “I don’t want the money, can you let me go?”Huang daiqiang said, “Get out of here. Don’t let me see it again.”When Kim heard about it, she was so angry that she called her older brother Jackie and told him the story of Chongqing.Jackie chan said: “good, this matter let it go, he is chongqing’s second brother wen, I also can’t afford to provoke.”This is when the second elder brother wen in Chongqing’s society!