Quljiang: Implement detailed service and do a good job in enterprise production “logistics”

2022-06-28 0 By

In the morning of February 21, in an office of Helu pasture, tong Gangli, deputy head of the animal husbandry and veterinary station of the district Agriculture and Rural Bureau, and the pasture manager are discussing the epidemic prevention measures of imported forage in the near future.For days, area of jurisdiction family farm bureau of agriculture and rural areas to return to work and production and the epidemic prevention and control work throughout the guide, supervise and urge, head of the farm to do import xiaosha forage, public areas and facilities equipment, ensure the “three yards” report to the people back, such as temperature detection epidemic prevention measures in place, at the same time, strengthen the prevention and control publicity and training, to ensure orderly and stable farm production,Production and epidemic prevention should be carried out simultaneously.Close service also for the development of the enterprise at ease.At present, the second phase project is under construction, and the daily processing capacity of fresh milk can reach 200 tons after completion.Talking about the new goal of the Year of the Tiger, Ruan Guohong, head of Heru Ranch, told reporters that on the basis of grasping the epidemic prevention and control work of enterprises, this year, Heru Dairy will build 1,000 distribution outlets in the city, so that quzhou people drink high-quality milk at home.At the same time, “Heru” milk will further go out of the home, to the market in the province, so that more consumers can taste the high-quality dairy products produced in Quzhou.The vigorous development of Holu pasture is only an epitome of the epidemic prevention and production in Qujiang District.Since this year, qu jiang to carry out the prevention and control on the whereabouts of thin, services and security measures, such as production both do epidemic prevention, and return to work for the enterprise and production did “logistics”, at the same time, strengthen financial and policy support, fully arouse the enthusiasm of enterprises the main body, add vitality for economic development, to build common prosperity of qu jiang model.Text and pictures by Zhou Wan editor by Zang Cheng