Yulin price reduction of coal mine increase in the concentration of 20-130 yuan/ton between

2022-06-28 0 By

This week yulin production area affected by the price limit policy, the number of price reduction of coal mine increased significantly, including yuyang area many coal downstream coal enterprises hold a wait-and-see attitude, coal adjustment has declined, some enterprises only maintain the purchase of just demand.After the price of some coal mines in the region fell, the number of vehicles increased and the shipment situation improved.Many coal mines in Hengshan area responded to the requirements of higher authorities and took the initiative to lower prices, and many domestic coal enterprises only maintained the purchase of rigid demand.Large mines in the region take the lead in reducing coal prices, surrounding small mines have adjusted prices, guided by the policy of coal prices to return to a reasonable range, the overall sales improved, the site inventory holding low operation.In Shenmu region, the production and sales of coal mines remain at a normal level, subject to policy regulation, procurement demand has decreased, some coal mining trucks began to reduce, coal prices in the region to return to a reasonable range, price reduction is mostly regulation and adjustment.Fugu region coal production and sales maintain stable operation, procurement demand declined, some coal mining trucks began to reduce.At present, some downstream users are in wait-and-see state, while some users who just need to maintain normal transportation. The coal mine currently maintains the state of production and sales, and the price falls.More exciting content in the data center and thermal coal report area, welcome to contact us and subscribe, join the VIP one-click browsing!