3 hours, 7 hours, 16 hours Chongqing South Bank police quickly cracked a number of thefts

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Recently, the south shore police based on the public security main business, the implementation of the “I do practical things for the masses” spirit, continuous rapid detection of many theft, successful for the citizens of the stolen goods pull damage, with the action to protect a party peace.Recently, two men drove from Shaanxi to Chongqing, eyeing the temple to steal late at night, but this “road to wealth” was blocked.March 25 at 9:00 a.m., Nanshan police station in Nanan District received an alarm from the masses, saying that a temple under the district was stolen, the merit box 40 yuan incense money and some goods in the temple shop were stolen, the loss of about 7,000 yuan.After receiving the alarm, the police immediately launched an investigation.At the scene of the incident, police found that the locks on the temple gate and merit box were destroyed by violence, and there were obvious signs of turning over the small shop next to the main hall.By checking the surveillance, the police soon found the trail of the two suspects.Through tracking, the police at 12 o ‘clock in the day of the incident will lie in the car sleeping suspects Li, Han mou captured, at this time, from the alarm time only 3 hours.According to the suspect Li confessed, he and Han drove from Shaanxi to Chongqing, li on the way to play mobile phone to watch a short video, brush a temple cleaning merit box video, so the two will hit the idea of incense money.Learned that the case was quickly solved, the temple presided over the police to send a banner and a letter of thanks, praise the police: Chongfa zhengzheng, in addition to the devil wei dao, not the people trust.At present, the criminal suspect Li mou, Han Mou has been taken criminal compulsory measures by the public security organs, the case is being investigated further.On March 26 at 3 o ‘clock in the morning, The Nanan District Tushan police station received the area of the masses Mr. Li (alias, the same below) alarm, said the home into the thief, now the thief has escaped.Through the investigation, the police learned that the police returned home in the early hours of the morning, found four bottles of liquor on the table in plastic pockets, it left without wine on the table, they suspected the home into the thief.During the inspection, Mr. Li met the suspect in his bedroom, and the suspect fled, leaving his cell phone behind in the home of the police.After inspection, the alarm family lost cash 70 yuan, no other property loss.By checking the suspect’s mobile phone number, the police quickly verified the suspect’s identity and arrested the suspect surnamed Su in just seven hours.After the trial, Su mou to its implementation of the criminal facts of burglary confessed.According to the suspect, he chose his targets based on the thickness of the ash on doorknobs. The thicker the ash, the more likely it was that no one was home.After the police digging investigation, found that Su in the residential community to steal three laptops and three bottles of liquor, worth thousands of yuan.At present, the suspect has been taken compulsory measures by the public security organs, now all stolen goods have been recovered, the case is still in further digging.On March 25, Mr. Zhang, a resident of the Sikkm police station, found his mobile phone missing after playing basketball. He called the police after searching for it without success.Through the inquiry, the police learned that the alarm when playing basketball, the mobile phone and coat on the base of the basketball rack, after the end of the sport found that the coat is still in the same place, but the mobile phone disappeared.After understanding the situation, the police patiently transferred the scene of the surrounding monitoring, one by one, soon found the whereabouts of the suspect.After analysis, the police determined the identity information of the suspected man Li mou, through the visit to touch the row lock Li mou residence.March 26 at 7 in the morning, the police will be arrested in li’s home.In the course of the trial, Li mou to its implementation of the criminal acts of theft confessed, truthfully account stolen mobile phone to the price of 1200 yuan resale second-hand market.According to this clue, the police found the mobile phone returned to the police, criminal compulsory measures to the suspect, the case is still in the further investigation.South shore police remind the general public, in the process of travel to protect personal belongings, do not leave the line of sight;In the meantime, the public should lock doors and Windows when going out, upgrade and replace the lock for a long time, enhance anti-theft consciousness and measures, avoid giving lawless elements an opportunity.Source: South Shore Police