Come back, tiger power!On the first day of school, Zhengzhou primary and secondary schools welcome students

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Big river network reporter Liu Yang started school!On February 17, primary and secondary schools in Zhengzhou ushered in the first day of the year of the Tiger, accompanied by dancing snowflakes.The campus is also filled with a strong smell of New Year, students in the colorful, different forms of “First Lesson” activities to start the new semester study and life.When the beginning of the winter Olympics in Henan Province experimental primary school invited “big” speak good “first lesson” spring people return, meet at the beginning of the school.In this winter to spring, all things recovery season, we bid farewell to the full winter vacation life, once again into the campus……”On the morning of February 17th, the first lesson of the new semester arrived in Henan Experimental Primary School as promised. Wang Xianfu, secretary of the Party Committee and headmaster of the school, brought his message in the form of video.When the opening of the winter Olympics, the school also invited the model of The Times, the school “pioneer College” honorary president Zhang Yuroll brought video message.At the opening ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, Zhang passed the national flag together with representatives from all walks of life, 56 ethnic groups and national heroes, and experienced the exciting moment.He shared with the students his personal feelings about the Winter Olympics through video and raised high expectations.In addition, two outstanding valedictorians, who are also volunteers of the Beijing Winter Olympics, also shared their learning experience, volunteer experience and feelings of the Winter Olympics through videos, encouraging students to move forward.Come back, tiger power!By open district 61 primary school, Zhengdong New District Kangping primary school “play” tiger elements “Yeah, I received tiger tiger paste music!””Wow, as soon as you enter the school gate, you will receive a surprise!”On February 17th, the students of Zhengzhou Liuyi Primary School walked into the campus full of expectation and surprise, and the warm and interesting activities for the opening of Liuyi Primary school also kicked off.School officials told reporters that the opening ceremony was divided into “tiger tiger shengwei blessing” “tiger spirit love transmission” “Dragon teng Tiger jump opening ceremony” three chapters.At the school gate, Ice Dun Dun and Snow Rongrong invited the tiger children to school, the students wearing a beaming red dress, wearing their own tiger headdress into the campus.School leaders also sent students “Tiger year stickers”, according to the “Tiger year stickers” can be exchanged for mysterious gifts, for the tiger full of children to bring a little surprise.Entering the class, you can see the warm greetings of “Welcome home” designed by the head teacher, as well as the hugs from the teachers and carefully prepared red envelopes, Wang Zai milk, lollipop, etc. Another class is more generous, received the bing Dandan Dandan sugar man sent by the teacher.Opening ceremony of the games propaganda little angel to six games story for you, have a schedule, the mascot’s origins and venues, etc., in the speech full of harvest for middle school students, the school principal, secretary ChuYuHong on the New Year wishes, and give the students into five tiger – a happy tiger, a tiger, a fitness industry tiger, a tiger, a red red tiger,I hope all the students will strive to be the five tiger boys in the year of tiger. I call on all the members to learn knowledge and skills well, shoulder the new mission and write a new chapter with the vigorous spirit of tiger and Tiger.In Kangping Primary School, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou city, students are also wearing cute tiger hats and full of vigor and vitality.School held a flag-raising ceremony, the principal hai-ying fu delivered a speech, for the development of the new school term put forward clear requirements, also hope to all the teachers and students, teachers and students may dunes in the new semester, read a book to accompany the growth, set up the hard work, honestly, the idea of creative labor, learn to labor model, for example, unity, in the learning harvest, growth in the labor.Run hard!Zhengzhou no. 47 Middle School students draw strength from the spirit of women’s football recently, China overcame a 2-goal deficit in the first half to win the Asian Women’s Cup in 16 years.On the first day of school opening in Zhengzhou 47th Junior High School, a special program attracted the attention of the school’s female football team members in the opening ceremony of the program “Football rhythm”.”‘ The sun and the moon will not be late, four times are pressing. ‘In this new era of strivers, everyone has the right to pursue their dreams, and everyone is the builder of dreams.In their own way, the students expressed their desire to carry on the spirit of women’s football.”Zhengzhou 47th junior Middle school party secretary, principal Xia Xia told reporters that the new semester, 47th students will be on campus, facing the light, determined to move forward, strive to run.In Zhengzhou 96th Middle School, the head teachers organized a variety of activities to welcome the students back.Zhu Hongqing, the principal of Zhengzhou 96th Middle School, told the reporter that on the first day of the new semester, every student in Class 9, Grade 8 received a special red envelope from their head teacher. Unlike ordinary red envelopes, this exclusive red envelope was not filled with lucky money, but with love from the head teacher.The red envelopes represent teachers’ good memories of the past year and positive prospects for the new term.It is worth mentioning that the first day of the new semester, the school also held the winter holiday characteristic moral education homework and subject homework exhibition and evaluation activities.”School to consolidate enhance ShuangJian work, rich holiday life for middle school students, promote the healthy growth of middle school students body and mind, interdisciplinary combination of school characteristics, the characteristics of students, the ingenious methods, coup, personalized features of winter vacation homework not only help students consolidate their cultural knowledge, more let students in high school, learn to play, to enhance the fun, openness, interactivity.”Zhu said that many students’ winter vacation homework was amazing, and she hoped that the exhibition would increase communication and learning among students.