English Championship: Sheffield United v West Bromwich albion Blackburn v Nottingham Forest

2022-06-29 0 By

Sheffield United have 12 wins, 6 draws and 9 losses so far this season, 11th in the table on 42 points, scoring 37 goals and conceding 33.The team played at home fairly well, with 5 wins, 2 draws and 4 losses in 11 rounds of matches.After a 2-1 win against Birmingham in the last round and a run of three successive wins, the team’s morale is high.West Bromwich Albion are sixth in the table on 45 points this season, with 12 wins, nine draws and eight losses after 29 games, scoring 34 goals and conceding 24.The team did not play well on the road, with 4 wins, 4 draws and 7 losses in 15 rounds of matches.They lost 2-0 to Millwall in the last round and have recently suffered two defeats in a row.West Brom have the upper hand with 4 wins, 1 draw and 2 losses in the historic match between the two sides.Recently, Sheffield United is in good shape, home battle to occupy the advantage, this game is optimistic that Sheffield United can win.Blackburn rovers are second in the table with 53 points, having won 15, drawn 8 and lost 7 in 30 games, scoring 45 goals and conceding 31.Blackburn have played well at home, winning 10, drawing 3 and losing 2 in 15 games.They lost 1-0 against Swansea in the last round and have won, drawn and lost two of their last five games.Nottingham Forest are ninth in the table with 43 points this season, with 12 wins, 7 draws and 10 losses after 29 games, scoring 39 goals and conceding 31.The team played steadily away from home, winning 6, drawing 4 and losing 4 in 14 rounds of matches.We won 4-1 against Leicester in the last round, and we are 4-1 in our last five games.Blackburn won four, drew two and lost three in the historic clash.Nottingham Forest are in good form and Blackburn rovers have lost two games in a row.Nottingham Forest can be counted on to win this game.