Guangdong coastal town tour, Shanwei seaside so good-looking, casual stroll is very comfortable

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Shanwei: mountain, sea and lake city, rich land and rao — located in the combination of pearl River Delta and eastern Guangdong coastal hilly area;Luohe river, Huangjiang river and other rivers through the city and south into the sea;The coastline is long and there are many islands. Today, I finally come to such a beautiful place. Today, I come to Shanghai, a very beautiful place with beautiful scenery.Probably because of the fishing moratorium there are a lot of boats in the harbor.Here is shanwei seashore avenue bay opposite the alley oil refinery place, stand up is not an era, very old, I do not know can go up to take photos, visit must be very good-looking.There are not too many people who come here to take a walk on the seaside boulevard, it is relatively quiet, may be far from the city, but the seaside boulevard scenery is good.Waterfront Street is a recreational track along the coast, and citizens often come to the waterfront street on weekdays to take a walk, and there is square dancing in the evening.Street lights and fitness facilities are relatively complete along the road, so you can enjoy the beauty of the sea while running.Walking on the beach, suddenly on the golden light, the original is the sun through the clouds ah.This is just a very ordinary scenery, there are more beautiful scenery waiting for you oh, would you like to see.