The market supervision bureau of Jiyuan Demonstration Zone suspended the operation of 20 stores with insufficient epidemic prevention and control

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On April 3, in the evening, demonstration area market supervision bureau party secretary, director of hui-hua liu draw party member et al, li xi, adopt the mode of “four two straight”, to regulate law enforcement officers within the jurisdiction of dhi water, qinyuan stores along the street, catering units, retail pharmacies and other market main body disease prevention and control measures to conduct a comprehensive inspection, strict epidemic prevention and control measures implemented.For pedestrian street, USES the mall, to the street stores the epidemic prevention and control of accountability, warning education process is not clear, the lack of measures, the inadequate 20 epidemic prevention and control of stores along the street to suspend business reorganization, drills, red or yellow code found fever patients emergency measures, required market regulation and earthly town do not reduce the control requirements for any reason at all.During the inspection, Liu huihua called for further consolidation of regulatory responsibilities for epidemic prevention and control, strengthening grid management, strengthening supervision and inspection, strengthening supervision and inspection, serious accountability, rectification, training and prevention and control of problems found in place, and ensuring the implementation of epidemic prevention and control tasks in detail.He who stands together through thick and thin wins.The market main body to carry out the epidemic prevention and control main body responsibility, be familiar with the process of prevention and control, master control specification, sweep the place, inspection tour code, testing temperature, any program cannot little, and give play to the role of sentinel, to found the risk of emergency measures, to ensure the safety of themselves and the health of consumers, fight omissions.Consumers should conscientiously take personal responsibility for epidemic prevention and control, raise awareness of epidemic prevention and control, overcome paralysis and fluke mentality, take good personal protection, and cooperate with scanning code, temperature measurement and registration.The current situation of epidemic prevention and control is grim and complex. Let us tighten the strings of epidemic prevention and control, unite as one, take active actions, start now, start small, and pool strong synergy to resolutely win the battle against the epidemic.Contribution: Comprehensive Planning Section