What’s the spy drama

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Good spy movies and TV series include: “Inside-out” “A Better Tomorrow” “The Kite” “The Disgustor” “Midnight Spy” “Hair on the trigger” “The Cliff” “So Charming” “Unknown Hero” “Secret and Great” “Peace Hotel” “The Message” “Invalids” “Code name” “Operation Butterfly” and so on.”Insidious” breaks with the usual serious style of spy war dramas of the past, with almost every episode packed with fun elements;Like a career strategy drama, Lurk deftly deals with yu’s complex relationships with his stationmaster Wu Jingzhong and his “colleagues” Ma Kui, Lu Qiaoshan and Li Ya, and writes a live “career strategy” for white-collar workers.Kite changed the setup of positive characters in spy war dramas and the make-up of enemies’ faces.This play restores the liberation war period hidden battle front struggle history, true and materialistic.The show’s sense of tearing lies not only in Mr. Cheng’s personal fate but also in the smooth flow of the plot, revealing a complex section that reflects the sacrifices and difficulties of working underground.”Touch And Go” unique and novel perspective, twists and turns and bizarre story, gang family twists and turns, as well as ethnic hatred, enmity, amazing conspiracy and many other legendary elements, make the play in the spy as the theme of the film and television drama unique, can be called an extreme spy legend.Unlike previous spy dramas, “Touch And Go” adds the twins’ polyhedral design characters.The father and son of Chung han-leung and Li Liqun also play twin brothers, which brings the actors difficulty in deciphoning and character challenge.