Every festival fat three catties, is this psychological problem?”Pudong Doctors talk about health preservation”

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When our attention is not on the food itself, we tend to put food in our mouths.We don’t eat food, we eat joy and atmosphere!”Every festival fat 3 catties”, how does this law break?Fairies say, “I wish I had anorexia, so I wouldn’t have to worry about losing weight!”Does anorexia really smell good?Chen Yanhua, director of the Social Work Department of tongji University Mental Health Center (Shanghai Pudong New Area Mental Health Center), has more than 10 years of clinical experience, and is also a social worker, psychotherapist and psychometer. Today, she will talk about weight loss.Anorexia does lose weight, but there are dangers.Guess which mental illness has the highest death rate?Answer: Anorexia is the mental illness with the highest mortality rate.There are different subtypes of anorexia, all of which fall on the eating disorder spectrum.Of course, the diagnosis of anorexia is phased, which restricted anorexia half will evolve into bulimia.Binge eating during the holidays, bulimia?Bulimia has specific diagnostic criteria and can only be diagnosed if repeated episodes of uncontrollable eating followed by pathological purging meet a certain frequency and course of illness.So just eating a lot over the past year doesn’t turn into bulimia.Can reducing weight reduce anorexia?Eating disorders are linked to the nerve centers of the brain, and their onset is also related to biological, psychological, and socio-cultural factors. Their subtypes also share similar etiologies.Physiological factors such as gastrointestinal dysfunction;Psychological aspects, such as excessive pursuit of perfection in character, occasionally frustrated easy to produce inferiority and other psychological tendencies;In the family, there is conflict and tension between parents, and the whole family shows signs of control and rigidity.For example, anorexic parents exert excessive control over their children, so that children resist parental control by skipping meals, which is an interaction in the family that leads to the onset and persistence of illness.Social culture, advocating thin as beauty, preference for “bones”, also increases the risk of anorexia.Without the above reasons, ordinary weight loss rarely turns into anorexia.What should I do if I have an eating disorder?People with eating disorders show a preoccupation with body shape and weight, and resort to extreme measures to lose weight.Some of these methods will directly endanger life, while others will cause long-term low body weight, resulting in metabolic, endocrine, malnutrition and other problems, and even death.If suspect oneself have eat disorder, what should do above all is to see a doctor, let a doctor come cure a disease, not be oneself “carry”.Want to believe, mental kind of disease can be treated completely through the means such as medicaments, nutrition, body.Adolescents between the ages of 16 and 18 are more likely to develop eating disorders and eating disorders tend to occur in adolescents between the ages of 16 and 18, which, according to Erickson’s theory of development, is a critical period of self-identity development in children.They need to establish a new sense of identity or image of themselves in the eyes of others in the face of new social demands and social conflicts.At this time, parents should pay special attention not to impose their own ideals and needs on children, excessive control of children, create a safe family atmosphere, give enough space for growth, let children show their nature, naturally develop a sense of responsibility for survival.How can I help someone with an eating disorder?When someone in your life has an eating disorder and they come to you for help, please don’t tell them that you look healthy because the word “healthy” means “fat” to them;And don’t say, “You’re not fat,” because they won’t believe you.What you need to do is remind them that their weight does not determine their worth and that your love for them has nothing to do with weight.Also, please tell them to remember to seek professional support during difficult times!Edited by Zhang Qi edited by Zhu Shaoyu * Reprinted by Pudong official wechat