The Ministry of Industry and Information Technology successfully completed the task of ensuring the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games

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The Beijing Winter Olympic Games officially came to a close on February 20 with the successful closing ceremony at the Bird’s Nest National Stadium.Relevant departments, bureaus and related units of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology fully implemented the requirements of “simplicity, safety and splendor” in hosting the Games, cooperated closely and made thorough arrangements to complete the tasks of ensuring radio security, information communication and network security for the closing ceremony of the Winter Olympics.Radio security guarantees “zero interference, zero error, zero defect”.During the closing ceremony, Tian Yulong, member of the Party Leadership Group and chief engineer of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and leader of the Beijing Winter Olympic Radio Management coordination Group, commanded the radio security command center of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, and responsible comrades of the coordination group members were on full duty at the radio security command center.More than 210 radio security personnel conducted protective monitoring of key frequencies of the closing ceremony in and around the core area of the venue, and conducted verification of radio equipment entering the core area.During the closing ceremony, the electromagnetic environment in the core area was good. More than 800 radio frequencies of command, dispatch and artistic performance units were used safely, and more than 48,000 radio equipment in the core area and its surroundings worked normally.Radio security guarantees “zero interference, zero error, zero defect”.Information and communication guarantee will be “high standard and zero error”.First, we will strengthen command and deployment to ensure that responsibilities are in place.Hold the communication guarantee work scheduling meeting for the Closing Ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games, rescheduling and redeploying the communication guarantee work for the closing ceremony, build an efficient command system, achieve full coverage of all guarantee points, direct video dispatching to the front line, and ensure that all guarantee measures are put in place.Second, strengthen monitoring and disposal and optimize network services.It strengthened monitoring of the 5G network operation of the National Stadium, achieved an up/down speed of 500Mbps/ 1.5Gbps, and provided the world’s leading 5G network with the highest capacity. It effectively guaranteed live video broadcast and real-time transmission of the closing ceremony. The 35,000 users in the National Stadium enjoyed smooth services and good perception of the scene.The closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games for the global audience.Third, sum up experience in a timely manner and do a good job in ensuring rotation.The review summarized and solidified the experience and practice of communications support for the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, improved the communications support plan for the Beijing Winter Paralympic Games, made scientific deployment of materials, equipment and personnel, and carried out a seamless transition between the two stages of communications support to ensure that the two Games were equally wonderful.During the closing ceremony, the leader of the communication support group and the chief responsible officer of the Information communication Administration Bureau were on duty in the emergency command center of the Ministry. The communication industry in Beijing and Hebei invested 16,000 people to participate in the guarantee, and deployed 31 emergency vehicles and 143 personnel in the National Stadium and surrounding areas.The digital cluster communication, the special network of the Olympic Committee, the national Stadium and the surrounding public communication network run stably, providing high-quality service and successfully completing the task of guarantee.Network security ensures unified command, real-time monitoring, timely response and rapid disposal.In accordance with the unified plan of the Beijing Olympics network security work, administration of industry and information technology, network security is mainly responsible for comrades on command, organization jing ji and administration of communications, China unicom, China telecom, China mobile, China satcom, China mail tunnels courtyard, the China Internet network information center, ali, tencent and other units need strengthen the focus on duty,The whole industry guarantees the strength to stick to the front line, close monitoring, effectively respond to cyber security emergencies, spare no effort to create a good network environment for the Closing ceremony of the Winter Olympic Games.We will give full play to the advantages of network security technology in the telecommunications industry, and increase the protection support for key websites and network systems of the Beijing Winter Olympics, such as domain name monitoring, routing security and traffic cleaning.We have closely monitored and dealt with cyber security threats, and removed and disposed of a number of malicious programs, domain names and IP addresses in accordance with the public Internet threat monitoring and disposal mechanism.We will strengthen monitoring and handling of potential data security risks in key areas, and continue to check and handle phone numbers and Internet accounts involved in fraud.During the closing ceremony, the telecommunications and Internet network security situation was generally stable, and the Beijing Winter Olympics-related network infrastructure and key websites operated safely and stably, realizing the complete success of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games closing Ceremony industry network security.Going forward, all the support staff of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology will attach equal importance to the preparation for the Paralympic Winter Games, and do a good job in all aspects of the transition period of the Olympic Winter Games and Paralympic Winter Games with greater enthusiasm and stricter standards, sparing no effort to do a good job in the support tasks related to the Beijing Paralympic Winter Games.Sources: Ministry of Industry and Information Technology Radio Administration bureau, Information and Communications Administration Bureau, Cybersecurity Administration Bureau