What is the use of CS certification for enterprises?How much is the application fee?

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The information system construction and Service Capability Grade Certificate (CS for short) can be used as the supporting basis of the information system construction and service capability of the certificated enterprise.According to the statistics from May 2020 to October 2021, 1832 enterprises in China have obtained CS qualification certificate after evaluation, including 156 CS4 enterprises;214 CS3 level enterprises;614 CS2 level enterprises;There are 848 CS1 level enterprises.Analysis CS certification significance: 1, information system construction and service providers can be based on the capacity requirements of the standard for their own assessment, looking for gaps, to strengthen their own construction, is conducive to improving the enterprise’s own service ability and quality of service, and constantly improve the enterprise’s management, technology and management ability, to participate in market competition.2, to scientific and effective evaluation of information system construction and service provider of ability level, is advantageous to the construction of information system and service enterprise shows its strength, enhance the level of enterprise information system construction and service of supporting strength, improve the selection probability of the enterprise informatization project construction units, and can effectively reduce the pre-project communication cost, expand the market influence and competitiveness,To enhance the ability of market development to help.3. Promote the construction of information systems and high-quality development of the service industry, standardize the construction of information systems and service capacity assessment.4. It can be used as a reference for government agencies, public institutions, social groups and bidding service agencies to choose information system construction and service providers, and give extra points in the bidding process of information projects.Xiaobian as a professional IT enterprise management consulting service provider, has helped many IT enterprises to obtain CS certificate, CS certification is necessary to do?Xiaobian thinks it should be based on the development needs of the enterprise itself.The question of how much CS certification costs also needs to be analyzed differently depending on the situation.In addition to the official certification fees, there are consulting fees.Different consulting agencies have different fees.The use of post-payment operation mode, after taking the certificate payment, is such as the customer’s certificate publicity before charging, all the early work of Changxu consulting advance capital, do not let the customer without any risk.So the cost of CS certification depends on what kind of consulting agency you look for. Some consulting agencies offer a very low price, but they may not be able to pass the certification, so it is crucial to choose a reliable consulting agency.Xiaobian for you to take stock of the characteristics of reliable institutions, for your reference: look at the industry case, IT enterprise project case richer the better;Look at the size of the organization, established years, registered capital, office space, the number of employees, branches these are the more the better;Look at the payment model, in order to reduce the risk, it is best to take the certificate after payment;See institutional resources, influence in the industry, all kinds of industry resources are extensive;Depending on the service mode of the organization, whether the consulting organization has a delivery team, whether it is professional, whether there is a clear service process and standard;See the organization service content, is the guidance of the card or the whole stack service.The above is about CS certification related content, if you want to get CS certification fee details, incentive policies, conditions, list of materials and procedures and other information package, welcome private letter or ++ picture V free to get oh ~~~ more want to know about the relevant content can click on the following website:https://www.jwyf.com.cn/