“World watches Winter Olympics” African media: Winter Olympics athletes around the world have witnessed how safe China’s epidemic prevention is

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Athletes from around the world have witnessed how safe China’s epidemic prevention is as an innovative measure for large-scale events, according to an africa-China Review published on Thursday.The picture shows zhangjiakou Winter Olympic Village (Winter Paralympic Village) for Beijing Winter Olympic Games.It is not easy for China to host the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics while the shadow of COVID-19 is still lingering, as it has to ensure the safety of those involved in the Olympics from all over the world, but China has done a good job in this regard, the article said.The “dynamic zero” strategy has achieved remarkable results in preventing novel coronavirus infections in the population and reducing mortality, while stricter quarantine measures have been taken to ensure the health and safety of participants in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Photo taken on Jan. 10, 2019 shows journalists activating their credentials.In order to ensure the safety of the Beijing Winter Olympics, the closed-loop management system will be implemented for all foreign personnel involved in the Olympics upon their arrival in China.They will receive temperature screening from the customs, and after nucleic acid sampling, they will be sent directly to the Winter Olympic Village or contracted hotel by special transport. Each winter Olympic village and contracted hotel is also an independent closed loop.From entry to arrival and departure transportation, catering, accommodation, training, competition and media interviews, a number of closed loop points have been formed. Activities and work by means of transportation moving through these closed loop points are a complete and safe closed loop.The article also said that despite repeated criticism from the United States, China’s epidemic prevention measures have proved to be the most effective way to protect people’s lives.In addition, China was able to resume economic activity quickly thanks to effective quarantine measures.The US government, by contrast, has wasted much of the precious time it should have spent fighting the pandemic criticizing and pointing fingers.Currently, the CUMULATIVE number of COVID-19 deaths in the United States is more than 940,000, while the number of COVID-19 deaths in China is only 4,636 as of 24:00 on February 14, 2022.”Political analysts believe that comparing the performance of China and the US shows that the US puts politics before the survival and well-being of its people, and that the epidemic has exposed systemic political and scientific challenges in the US,” the article said.The US media, which should have advised policy makers to learn from good quarantine practices in other countries, including China, instead played politics and denounced the “dynamic zero” strategy.”The whole world watched a safe and wonderful Winter Olympics in Beijing, where athletes from all over the world, including us athletes, witnessed how safe China’s epidemic prevention is,” the article concluded.(Editing by Gao Linlin and Hu Xiaosan)