Yan Jiyuan was 110 years old.Good at landscape, characters, flowers and birds, seal cutting calligraphy, proficient in poetry

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Yan Jiyuan died at the age of 110.Lu Xiuhui yan Jiyuan (1901 — February 10, 2011), given the name Ping, also known as Su Zhen Old man, Lao Ji, Ji Gong, Jiangzhou Sanren, sichuan Neijiang people.Yan Jiyuan father Yan Huiting, in neijiang engaged in sugar industry, and Zhang Daqian father Zhang Huaizhong for intimate friends.Yan Jiyuan seven or eight years old, often brought into the city by his father to send Zhang Huaizhong uncle’s house, and Zhang Daqian play together.Zhang Daqian sometimes goes to the countryside to entertain.The two brothers were very happy to see each other.Daqian was stout and old, and had many spots. He often went crabbing by streams, picking fruit from trees and fishing from fields.At the age of seven, Yan Jiyuan learned calligraphy and painting from his father, and at the age of 13, he was taught for five years by zhang Quzhai, a scholar in the former Qing Dynasty. He studied classical literature and poetry, as well as huashan Temple tablets and Tang calligraphy.Yan jiyuan studied English at the YMCA in Chengdu and was admitted to the First Class Industrial School of Sichuan Province.In 1928, Yan Jiyuan went to Shanghai to study. He lived with his brothers Zhang Shanmei and Zhang Daqian in Xicheng, Ximen Road, the French Concession in Shanghai.Yan Jiyuan was admitted to Shanghai Sino-French Institute of Engineering. Although he loved painting and calligraphy, he was determined to save the country scientifically.It was the brothers Zhang Daqian and Zhang Gemelli who led Yan Jiyuan into the painting world step by step.They get along day and night, the Zhang brothers care for Yan Jiyuan, like brothers.After school, browse and delve into their collection of ancient and modern calligraphy and painting famous works, Yan Jiyuan got their advice, and get to know Shanghai painting celebrities.In 1930, they encouraged Yan Jiyuan to participate in the Sino-German Art exhibition in Berlin, along with Zhang Daqian’s Lotus Flower.At the end of 1932, at the invitation of ye Gongchuo, a famous calligrapher, zhang daqian and his family moved to Suzhou Netlion Garden.Leaves live in the east, the Zhang brothers a dozen people live in the west temple spring, the middle garden for two, talk about poetry and painting, reception guests.Yan Jiyuan and Zhang Daqian sit on the long corridor to admire the moon, talking about childhood fun, and the older generation of communication story, Yan Jiyuan thought of his father died for many years, there is no frame portrait for viewing, then ask daqian for his father.Zhang Daqian rarely portrait, but the profound friendship that he should not.After half a year, Yan Jiyuan went again, Zhang Daqian in the studio will draw a good head out, face to face to repair the scenery and clothing lines.Zhang Daqian felt like the spirit of a little worse, not natural, apologize.But Yan Jiyuan quite feel precious, please at the right end of the office, Luo Geng, Xie Hajj yu inscription, mounted into the axis.In the same year, Yan Jiyuan and Ms. He Xiangning cooperated with landscape flowers to participate in the Shanghai Anti-japanese fund-raising exhibition, and held Yan Jiyuan’s personal exhibition in the Shanghai Ningbo Alliance Hall.In 1934, Yan Jiyuan went to Japan to study abroad with the assistance of Zhang Shanmei and Zhang Daqian, and studied engineering in Japanese University, Waseda University and Railway Teaching Institute successively.In the following year, Yan Jiyuan imitated Shi Tao and made two huge landscape paintings, which were recommended by Iwamura Sunyoyoshi of the Japanese Foreign Ministry to participate in the Exhibition of Imperial Japanese art.After the July 7 Incident, Yan Jiyuan got railway teaching institute love painting teacher Teng help, pretending to go to Beiping exhibition, left Tokyo.The ship arrived at Tianjin.Zhang Daqian has been waiting at the dock, two people with the car back to Beijing Luoxian Hutong apartment.He to Yan Jiyuan take care of the week to, two people have no words do not talk, simultaneous expedition Against the Japanese aggressiveness, in the same room to hold a pen to paint, after a few months to drive a picture, they held an exhibition jointly in Beiping Zhongshan park waterside pavilion, exhibits all sold.After discussion, Yan Jiyuan took Zhang daqian’s sons, Yagu and Yafo, and two boxes of the famous paintings they had collected, and went to Hong Kong via Tianjin and Shanghai.About two weeks later, Zhang daqian came to Hong Kong.After a stay of half a month, Yan jiyuan and his two children went through Sishui, Wuzhou, Liuzhou and Guiyang before returning to Chongqing.At this time, Zhang Shanmayer also escaped from Suzhou and returned to Chongqing with his dependants via Wuhan and Yichang.In the early winter of 1938, Zhang Daqian, his family and Yan Jiyuan went back to neijiang for a short stay. Soon they went to Chengdu and climbed Qingcheng Mountain.Two people decided to hold an exhibition in Chengdu, painting paper will be exhausted, Yan Jiyuan proposed to jiajiang paper instead of rice paper, and volunteered to go to the local paper improvement.Yan Jiyuan learned scientific knowledge has come into play, Yan Jiyuan in the Jiajiang river to find big trough household stone green, and the old master several tests, the output of a batch of cotton and linen mixed paper, back to Mount Qingcheng emergency.Yan Jiyuan first went to the city to mount and contact the exhibition was busy, part of his exhibition works by big Chiyo for the title to complete.Soon, in Chengdu Chunxi road, upstairs, jointly held the anti-japanese charity exhibition.In the 1930s and 1940s, Yan Jiyuan, together with Yu Feiyan, Xie Zhiliu and Wu Hufan, formed a unique art school in the history of modern Chinese painting.In the name of “like and not like between” under the guise of contempt modeling ability, artistic aesthetic taste, and more and more paranoid narrow in the “heart” said against line.Yan Jiyuan is good at using heavy color, and the height he has reached in this technical system is almost unmatched among his contemporaries.It is also the use of heavy color, in the non dark loss in the sluggish, Xie Zhi Liu lost in light and weak, Zhang Daqian lost in excessive decoration, and Yan Jiyuan with heavy color flexible, gentle such as shallow chant, lingering charm, Such as The copper pa iron plate, suppression cloud.In 1949, after the founding of the People’s Republic of China, Yan finally got a technical job at the Chongqing branch of the Civil Aviation Administration of China.In 1957, Yan Jiyuan was wrongly designated as a rightist, transferred to the toothbrush factory, title from engineer to technician.In 58, Fang was named the unmasked rightists.In 1962, Yan Jiyuan went to Beijing for medical treatment due to shoulder arthritis and stayed with Wu Zuoren, president of the Central Academy of Fine Arts.Invited by Chen Zhongren (secretary Liu Shaoqi) to visit Lushan Mountain with Qiu Ao and Fu Baoshi, he stayed alone in Haihui Buddhist Monastery and returned to Beijing after a month, writing more than 40 pieces of manuscripts.On New Year’s Day in 1964, the Beijing CPPCC held the meeting of the elderly over the age of 60, and zhu De, Peng Zhen, Guo Moruo, Xie Wuliang, Chen Shutong recommended more than 40 of his works to be exhibited in the Beijing CPPCC auditorium.Because of this special opportunity, he gained a high reputation among the upper echelons of the cultural and artistic circles.This time he returned to Chinese painting, compared with more than 10 years ago, has changed.After more than 10 years of suffering and artistic exploration, his painting has greatly broadened his artistic expression ability, and his technique has also changed from heavy color to ink painting, especially ink landscape painting, which has gone into his own creation path.In 1966, Yan Jiyuan was paralyzed by a car accident and bedridden.The old and sick man was like a candle in the wind. At that time, Chinese society was entering a turbulent decade. It was rumored that he had passed away.When Chen Zizhuang heard this news from afar, he always ended his story with a sigh: “Ah, if only teacher Yan were still here.”Chen Zizhuang had a poem cry yue: rolling tuojiang endless, faint afternoon dream mountain village.Wake up at tears, yan Zizhong edge of the setting sun.In the autumn of 1974, Chen zizhuang’s nephew came to Visit his relatives in Chengdu from Chongqing and said that “Mr. Yan died” was just a rumor from outside. In fact, he was paralysed by illness and had been in bed for eight years. Now he suddenly recovered.In April 1976, Chen Zizhuang was admitted to Sichuan Medical College because of a relapse of heart disease.Chen zizhuang, then 64, already had some foreboding about his life.He took out 20 yuan and handed it to his disciple in the ward, asking him to buy six cups and a gourd shaped porcelain vase from a China shop on Chunxi Road.The goods were taken to Chongqing and handed over to Senator Yan Ji.Yan Jiyuan saw the porcelain, “oh” 1, stretch out his hand to hit the forehead, and then slowly said: “the cup is life, my name is Yan Ping, others call me Yan Ping zi.Calabash vase is to salute me, wish me longevity.Six cups, hinting at the frustrations of his lifetime.Implied meaning ‘road sad’, also hinted that he was a difficult son.He’s not going to make it through the year.”On the night of July 3, 1976, Chen Zizhuang passed away.After Yan Jiyuan retires, recuperate illness at home, revive art matter, catch danqing again.At the invitation of the Chinese Painting Creation Group of the Ministry of Culture, yan Jiyuan, Guan Liang, Qian Songyan, Lu Yanshao, Song Wenzhi, Ya Ming, Li Xiongcai and Qigong were among the first batch of painters to paint in zaozhatang, The Summer Palace in Beijing.Later, Yan Jiyuan fire shenzhou, painting every major activities, there must be people.At 19:47 on February 10, 2011, Yan Jiyuan, a famous Chinese painter known as the “old painting Fairy”, died of hypertension and respiratory failure caused by severe pneumonia and coronary heart disease in Sichuan Provincial People’s Hospital at the age of 110.The old man passed away peacefully, but did not leave a word, because he had always believed that he could live another 20 years.In fact, he is by far the oldest and oldest painter in China.Yan Jiyuan is one of the most versatile calligrapher and painter in the contemporary painting world. He is good at landscape, figures, flowers and birds, seal cutting, calligraphy, and poetry.He not only has profound traditional skills, but also is omnipotent and omnipotent in various painting techniques such as meticulous brushwork, heavy color, freehand brushwork, splash-ink and line drawing.Landscape profound, and work with write, outline, embellishment, rendering, setting off and rigorous layout give a person a bold, elegant, bearing uncommon feeling;His paintings of flowers, birds and figures are elegant and sophisticated, with smooth, natural and vivid lines that appeal to both refined and popular tastes.Flower and bird painting is deliberately sketching, specializing in nature.And flower-and-bird painting is the most exquisite push meticulous flower-and-bird painting.In addition to the art of painting and calligraphy, Yan Jiyuan is also a talented poet. His poems are realistic and romantic, and he often inscriptions poems on his paintings, which have the effect of painting dragons and icing on the cake.In seal cutting, the works contain just in soft, mellow and lasting appeal.With extensive knowledge and comprehensive cultivation, he inherited the tradition of Chinese literati painting and calligraphy. With profound education, solid foundation, innovative spirit and free and detached painting style, he became an independent school.Yan Jiyuan advocated “learning from the ancient enemy, innovating and breaking the new”.On the one hand, to inherit the tradition, lay a solid foundation, on the other hand, and the ancients “enemy”, beyond the predecessors.In his “one hundred years of painting”, Yan Jiyuan has been trying to “take the ancients as his teacher and make them his enemy”.When he was young, he and Zhang Daqian worked together to imitate ancient paintings in Shanghai. His signature calligraphy was designed to imitate the painter Shi Tao in the late Ming and early Qing Dynasties, which deceived many connoisseurs and made fun of the Shanghai painting scene with strict sects at that time.But he did not stick to the ancient, created many original style, rich the connotation of Chinese painting.Lu Xiuhui has a poem “For Yan Ping Ji Yuan Song”, praise said: longevity like jun, into the ancient Han And Indian exploration.Aspire to industry, brush clean.Stealth technology road, heart sad light head.The rightists have never lamented their SINS.Only spring and Autumn dance, leisure heart has never pushed today and ancient.In order to experience the ups and downs of the world with the painting, which knows my heart pile but the former sages dare piwu.Shy shy, shy to rest the old law.Momo, I’m not afraid to make a big mistake!Painting has nothing to do with Yin yu, the artist is defeated song qiao fishing.This old how dare to laugh, is the wind also called foal.Pen end swing on the universe, calligraphy will kill wanjun broken.I have no crown of heaven and earth officer, the four seasons do arbitrary.Let it dusty barren hills, moments ten thousand pine wind tao.I sing long night sound into noise, dare to laugh paper mountain is not high.