A man nearly got into trouble on a rainy and snowy drive from Hunan province to Ningbo by drinking energy drinks and eating chicken feet to refresh himself

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Qianjiang Evening News · Hour news reporter Yang Yifan correspondent Wang Shichang February 17 night, Hangzhou Xinjing Expressway heavy snow.As snow continues to fall and nighttime temperatures get colder, some Bridges, culverts and tunnels are vulnerable to snow and ice.Hangzhou highway traffic police busy again — the road patrol police constantly patrol, found hidden trouble points reported in time, the command center quickly deployed salt sprinklers, snow blowing vehicles, snow shovel and other rescue vehicles rushed to the scene to work, eliminate hidden trouble, escort for the masses to travel.Around 23:30 that day, police patrol to Hangzhou direction fuyang Fuchun River bridge, found a ningbo license plate car parked in the emergency lane under the double flash, the rear did not set up a warning sign.At this time, the bridge surface temperature is close to zero, at the critical point of icing, the road is very slippery, vehicles parked here is very dangerous.The police will stop the police car rear warning, and then stepped forward to understand the situation.Have not approached, heard very strong music from the car, through the window, the police saw a middle-aged male sitting in the driver’s seat.There were five people on the bus, eating chicken feet and drinking energy drinks.After inquiry, the car did not break down, the driver said he was just sleepy and wanted to rest before continuing on his way.After understanding the situation, the police guide the vehicle to the nearest high speed.As the car passed through the toll station, the toll system showed that the toll was over 700 yuan, which was a long way to go.When the driver got off, the police took a closer look and found that his eyes were red and squinting.The driver said he boarded the highway from Hunan province at seven o ‘clock that day, with a group of people planning to return to Ningbo for work.He was the only one who knew how to drive, and when he got to this place, he felt sleepy, so he decided to eat chicken feet and drink energy drinks to keep him going.When the police asked him why he didn’t go into the service area to have a good rest and then go on his way, Master Wu said that he felt there was not much way to Ningbo, so he just drove there.The police punished Wu for fatigued driving and non-emergency parking in the emergency lane, and ordered wu to have enough rest at the toll station before starting out.This article is the original work of Qianjiang Evening News. Without permission, it is forbidden to reprint, copy, extract, rewrite and spread online, otherwise, the newspaper will pursue the legal responsibility of the infringer through judicial channels.