Qiqihar, the public parking space in front of the business is not allowed to park

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Nowadays, many merchants think that the street in front of his shop is their own!Qiqihar, Heilongjiang province: A young man parked in a public parking space in front of a business, but was stopped by a female merchant. After the young man said he would not accept the threat, he stopped the young man with an iron shelf in front of the car, indicating that he did not need to drive away.Some net friends said: although the owner is unreasonable, but the facade business is really afraid of the door there are public parking Spaces, individual industrial and commercial households are vulnerable groups, should give understanding.Business in front of the parking difficult now this year, want to find a public parking space is not simple, for this reason, to occupy a parking space, some people with “human flesh” occupy the parking space, some people regard the parking space in front of their own as private, who stop to block, and even do not want to play small means.When people encounter this kind of thing, they either swallow their anger and move the car, or they argue and leave angrily. Especially for those parking Spaces planned in front of shops, it is even more difficult to park for a while.In Qiqihar, Heilongjiang province, a young man from northeast China had just parked his car in a public parking space in front of a shop when a middle-aged woman walked up to him and asked him to drive away. After the young man clearly refused, she began to swear and do something extremely outrageous, which made people angry.A young man from northeast China had just driven an Audi into a public parking space on a street in Qiqihar, Heilongjiang province, when a middle-aged woman approached him and asked him to move the car.The boy is puzzled and asks the woman: “Why can’t stop?”The woman waved and said the car was blocking the entrance and exit of her shop and told him to park somewhere else.The guy is very confused, this is clearly planned parking space, the display is a public parking space, and some distance from the shop, why not stop.So the guy tried his best to communicate with the woman, saying that he would not park for a long time and would leave when he was done.But the female merchant does not listen to, saying that there is no parking here, must be moved to the boy.”Did you buy the parking space?It’s yours!”Female merchants playing tricks was exposed in the face of the boy’s query, female merchants blunt, is my house, and said that if the boy does not move the car, the consequences.The boy listened to also angry, how completely unreasonable, since you want to play pretty, that I stop in this walk.The woman saw this, without saying a word, directly dragged over an iron frame, put it in front of the Audi so that the boy can not drive away.The boy is very angry, bluntly want to report to the police, the woman interface unexpectedly: “report, you immediately report.”The young man takes the female merchant as all to photograph come down, blunt want to expose her act.Did not expect that the woman’s export is a rough mouth, do not know the people still think this is a man.After the video was uploaded to the Internet, whether businesses can park in front of the Internet has become the focus of controversy, with one commenter commenting: “It is illegal to occupy a public parking space without permission. You have to be reasonable to do everything.There are also users said, understand the store business, the car a stop blocked dead, who is not upset, in turn think about it, for you, you are willing to let the car parked where blocked?Public is not the business is not your home ah.Some netizens said that although it is a public parking space, if people want to go to the store to buy things, there is no way to park in this place, so they will naturally drive on to the next one. As an ordinary consumer, I have a deep experience.Netizens are very controversial, all have their own reasons, in the small guess, since the relevant departments planning the public parking space, it shows that there is a reason to park, when there is no car naturally who can park, it does not belong to private.Even if it will block the business for a while, but the parking space really belongs to the public, and the female merchant dares to ask the guy to call the police, how ignorant of law!The word that the police really came, be regulated certainly is you, still dare to use iron frame to block a car, big New Year’s day all do not stop, really idle get panic.