All free!Henan province science and technology museum new 61 trial operation

2022-07-02 0 By

Elephant news reporter Feng Jingwen recently, the reporter learned that henan Province science and Technology Museum of the new building is scheduled to start test operation on March 1, June 1 around the trial operation.The theme of the new exhibition is “Wisdom, Innovation and Dream”. Visitors of all ages can find their interest in the exhibition here, which is free of charge.The construction of henan Science and Technology Museum is located near Xianghu Lake, Zhengdong New District, Zhengzhou City. It is a major benefit project that the provincial Party Committee and the provincial government attach great importance to, with a total investment of about 2.037 billion yuan and a construction area of 130,000 square meters. It is a major public welfare project to disseminate science and technology, improve the scientific quality of citizens and expand the practice of science education for teenagers.After completion, it will become a new landmark of zhengzhou, the provincial capital, and a 5A-level tourist attraction for science, technology, culture and leisure.It is reported that the design inspiration of the new henan Science and Technology Museum comes from the vast Central Plains culture and ancient science and technology civilization, and the design creativity comes from the image of “Heluo culture”.From the appearance, henan Province science and Technology Museum new shape curve outline and strength changes, like engine propeller and bird wings, strong sense of science and technology implied that “Henan take-off, the rise of the Central Plains”.The reporter learned that the discovery exhibition hall is the largest floor hall of the new museum, reproducing the great scientific achievements in the course of human development. The exhibits in the hall can not only carry out the dissemination of scientific knowledge, but also a beneficial supplement to the way of acquiring knowledge in the school classroom, and will become a good place after the “double reduction”.In addition, you can take a global wildlife tour in the Animal Home exhibition hall.In order to meet the public as soon as possible, under the strong leadership of the party group of the provincial association for science and technology, all the people of the science and technology museum adhere to the rhythm of 5+2, white + black, and forge ahead towards the goal of internal pressure test and comprehensive trial operation.