Declassified seven major film and television companies reserve drama, boutique content to see their strengths

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After the Spring Festival, the host of 2022 will be updated, and major film and television companies are also ready to prepare, start shooting and schedule new projects, active in the New Year’s big drama market.The “14th Five-year Plan for The Development of Chinese TV Dramas” recently released by sarFT sets two binding targets for the creation of thematic works and the expansion of market players.In other words, “during the 14th Five-year Plan period, we will launch more than 10 in-depth, exquisite and well-made themed TV dramas every year” and “during the 14th Five-year Plan period, we will build 10 to 15 TV drama enterprises with strong creation and production capacity”.”Planning” provides a certain idea and sets a certain tone for the subsequent CREATION of the TV series.Then what will the major film and television institutions have in store and layout trends?Prospect media sorted out part of the reserves of seven major film and television companies — Huase Film & Television, Xinli Media, Midday Sunshine, Yaoke Media, Straw Bear Pictures, Limeng Pictures and Huanrui Century, and analyzed the major drama layout trends of each film and television company in 2022.Emotional themes account for most of the TV dramas aired by Huace in recent years, and there are still many love dramas waiting to be aired in the reserve list for 2022.They include urban romances such as A Forest for Two, Please Fall in love with such a Person, and period romances such as Spring Girls in Dreams and Lovers Without Doubt.In addition to the layout of a large number of love themes, Huace these two years also actively explore the theme of the TV drama, and strive to create a good play.In 2021, three blockbuster dramas, including “Our New Era”, “Awakening Era” and “Top Secret Mission”, were broadcast on CCTV, mainstream TV channels and video websites all over the platform to celebrate the Party’s glorious centennial.In 2022, Huace Group will integrate “high quality” into the whole process of content creation and constantly upgrade the head content strategy.There is a rich reserve of melodic dramas, including aviation drama “To the Wind”, criminal drama “I Am A Police Detective”, gift drama “Our Decade”, charity drama “Light Chasers”, war drama “From the Scene of a Storm”, and pastoral drama “To Where the Wind Is blowing”, which focuses on the Chinese countryside.”I am Interpol” is directed by Hui Kaidong, yu Hewei led the contemporary drama involved in the case, is also the public security theme key film and television projects, set up Chinese Interpol professional belief, played the development of the criminal investigation industry epic.”Our Decade” is a tribute drama, through 12 different stories, tells the new era, the CPC Central Committee from the “Eight rules” to break the situation, party and government style as one of the changes, leading to a new social situation and people’s style.New Li media male frequency drama continued vitality, new perspective ADAPTS female frequency IP2021 early, new Li produced “Redundant Husband” broadcast, this is iQiyi history broadcast heat the fastest break ten thousand, and in recent years, the only heat break ten thousand drama, will undoubtedly become the opening year of 2021 burst hot drama.Before this, “Celebration of Life” and “Sword In the Snow” after this also have high broadcast heat and topic discussion.These male frequency drama has proved the new ring in male frequency IP adaptation of the strength.And in 2022, these male IP hits will continue to live.The original cast will continue to play wonderful stories. Among them, “Celebration of Life 2” has also been rated by many media as the most anticipated work of the audience in 2022.In addition, the fairy detective drama “Da Feng Beat more People” and costume spy drama “Feng Qi Longxi” are also based on popular MALE IP.Starring by Chen Kun, Bai Yu “the wind rises long west” adapt from ma Boyong novel of the same name, tell about in the world 3 minutes, beacon fire rises from all sides, hero comes forth in large numbers of times, two not by troubled world focus “nobody” in the thrilling spy war erupts a dadaing brilliance, compose a paragraph of heroic legend outside history.In addition to male frequency dramas, Xinli female frequency IP plays also occupy a place, from a new perspective to build female frequency IP adaptation.The fairy drama “With phoenix” is adapted from the novel of the same name by Jiulu Fei Xiang.The ancient costume light comedy “Xinchuan Daily” is adapted from The novel “Qingchuan Daily” by Tamu Muda. With a new world outlook, it builds a clear flow in the court drama, integrates multiple views on marriage and love and gender topics, and breaks the male gaze by opposing palace fighting and female competition.Noon sun ploughed deep realism, to create a series of high-quality products in 2022 to start the explosion of the drama is undoubtedly noon production “the Beginning”, during the broadcast of the broadcast and discussion has been high, frequently on the hot search hot list, successful circle.And the previous “big River” and “Mountain and Sea” have also harvested good word of mouth.Midday sunshine deeply cultivates realism, making steady progress in the direction of high-quality drama, and is committed to creating a quality drama recognized by the audience.In the midday repertoire, it’s almost all about realism.Urban drama “Welcome”, “Meet Time”, military drama “We are Young”, gift drama “County Party Courtyard” and rural poverty alleviation drama “Tree of Life” reflect social reality from different angles, and show the social features and human groups in different periods and environments in China.”Meet the season” around two families two generations of ten years of enmunity, tells the story of Jian Hongcheng and Ning Yu middle-aged reunion, a total of midlife crisis, a total of feud contradiction story, the drama has been officially announced on February 23 in Zhejiang SATELLITE TV, Dragon TV and Youku broadcast.County Party Committee Compound, a major drama directed by Kong Sheng, is one of the state Administration of Radio, Film and Television’s key dramas. According to producer Hou Hongliang, the drama will involve public officials and reveal their little-known sides.In addition, the midday sun also committed to create high-quality goods series, the “ode to joy” in the list of reed {langya} “river” series are in preparation, “ode to joy 3” recently has been overcome, the new five beauty by jiang thin film, Yang Caiyu, jianing zhang, candy chang, Li Haofei composition, the continuation of the former two a realistic style,It tells the story of five girls with different characters and different characteristics who live on the same floor in Ode to Joy community. They face the difficulties in life hand in hand and harvest their growth and transformation.Yaoke media adhere to the delivery of mainstream value, the development of innovation in the field from 2020 “Home” “Together” to 2021 “Breakout”, Yaoke has been standing on the people’s position, adhere to the realism of the track to deliver mainstream value, seeking emotional resonance.From people’s livelihood housing, to fight against the epidemic, and then to the reform of state-owned enterprises, Yaoke starts from the social reality, and continues to dig deeper to bring positive energy to the public.In 2022, Yaoke continues to pay attention to social reality and deliver mainstream values. There are military drama “Special War Glory”, involved drama “Bath of Fire”, commercial drama “The Great Game”, medical drama “I heard you like me”, etc. in the reserve list, showing all kinds of social conditions in a multi-dimensional way.”Special battle glory” tells the story of Yan Break Yue from a skill outstanding, but with the collective antipathetic “king of war”, in the harsh environment and arduous task of beating, gradually into the group, fighting together with others grow, and eventually become excellent armed police special combat team members of the blood brigade story.The Great Game, by telling the magnificent struggle history of several generations, reflects the development spirit of Chinese manufacturing industry to grasp the pulse of The Times and be brave in innovation under the new test of the market economy era.In 2022, Yaoke is also exploring new themes and developing innovative fields.In 2020, the success of “Crossfire” made e-sports dramas receive more attention. In the reserve list, there are also “Elite Action” co-produced with popular shooting games and “League of Legends” themed with “game + science fiction”, two hot-blooded e-sports dramas.In addition, Yaoke also shot the urban Chinese medicine drama “After wave” and network security drama “Are you safe” such novel themes, further enrich the TV drama market.Among the enterprises winning the 9th Nanjing Golden Wutong Award for Cultural Industry, Jiangsu Straw Bear Film Co., LTD., a member of Nanjing Cultural Industry Association, was selected as “Top 10 Digital Cultural Enterprises”.Since its establishment, Straw Bear has pioneered the backstage broadcast mode of First Network, matching industry participants to their own industrial chain links, forming a complete ecosystem, achieving synergistic effects, and creating diversified high-quality TV series.In 2022 straw bear reserve list, you can see the series subject pluralism, covers urban inspiring drama “my assistant 60”, ancient costume drama love revolution FuTu edge, the modern drama “wars, police action drama” fight a thief “, fantasy drama “please you” and the era of the republic of China entrepreneurship plays the stormy waves, and other subject type, horizontal development, qi force more track,Bring the audience more dimensions of the experience of watching the drama.In addition to the subject matter, the audience is also diverse.”Daydream Me” is adapted from the novel of the same name of Jinjiang Literature City youth campus play, the audience is biased towards young students;”Today should Refueling” tells the story of several dream workplace white work hard, grow up with the company, the audience is biased toward the workplace new;”Chasing the Love Family” tells the family life story of a retired teacher who has been widowed for many years and three sons with different personalities.”Two Beijing 15″ based on ma Boyong’s historical novel adaptation of the same name, belongs to the male frequency IP drama……It can be seen that its audience is wide and multi-circle.In 2021, Xiaomin’s Family, an urban drama produced by Limeng Pictures, was broadcast on Youku and Hunan TV and became the hottest drama of the year.In addition, the previous urban dramas, Such as Little Separation, Little Joy, Small Fraction, Twenty No More And Thirty Only, all have high popularity and good reputation.All along, Ning Meng’s urban dramas focus on ordinary life, show warm realism, keep up with social hot spots and people’s livelihood pain points, and convey positive values such as truth, kindness and beauty.In limeng’s 2022 film list, there are also several urban dramas in preparation or waiting to be broadcast, such as “20 No more Than 20”, “Little Joy 2022”, “Forty Right” and “Just Love”.The film will continue where the first film left off, telling the story of several young women born after 1995, who went through a series of setbacks after entering the society, and finally achieved love and growth in the workplace and life.In addition, Limeng meng is also developing a short suspense track.”Hunt a crime map to learn” told about because of dusty old case together the simulation portrait division Shen Yi that enmity and Interpol captain Du Cheng, be forced to partner below chance coincidence, two people detect many strange suspicious cases together, track the story of the truth of answer to a riddle jointly.”Coward” adapted from the novel of Zheng hold “raw swallow”, told about the youth past of a paragraph of 4 teenagers, the crime that a pile reappears after many years, let everybody have to face human nature the truest “black and white war”.Huan Rui century ancient clothing covers all kinds of themes, rich content and multi-point layout Huan Rui has many popular theme film and TV series copyright, especially ancient IP.In the past TV dramas broadcast by Huan Rui, costume dramas account for the majority, and there are many works with high topic degree. In recent years, “Under the Clothes” and “Coloured Glaze” are the IP adaptation of costume with high sound volume.In 2022, There are many period dramas in the pipeline or waiting to be aired.Including costume love drama “Eternal Autumn Order”, costume historical drama “Mountains and Rivers moon Ming”, costume inspirational drama “Yao Xiang Legend”, costume god drama “The Apocalypse”, costume martial arts drama “Auspicious pattern Lotus Floor” and costume immortal drama “aloes such as dust”.These dramas almost cover all the themes in costume dramas, with rich and comprehensive contents.”Autumn order” by Mai Guan, Li Weiji directed, Zhang Yuxi, Tong Mengshi starring, the play tells the story of the magic of the daughter and the right alliance between love and hate.Directed by Guo Hu and Ren Haitao and starring Yang Zi and Cheng Yi, the drama is adapted from the novel of the same name by Su Desolate. It mainly tells the story of the love entanglees between yan Dan and Ying Yuanjun.Of course, in addition to period costumes, there are urban romance dramas like South Wind Knows What I Mean and spy dramas like The Deep Dive.According to the content layout of the seven major film and television companies, the TV drama market in 2022 will present a three-way market pattern of realism, theme theme and IP adaptation, with improved content quality, diversified audiences and positive values.The supply side of the mainstream film and television actively reduce the flow of star accumulation drama, “old drama bone” to fight in the river’s lake, a new trend of the film and television market.Sweet pet drama, heroine theme market cooling down, on the contrary, male frequency drama, group drama rapid rise.Let’s look forward to more quality dramas from mainstream production companies in 2022!