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A weihe river dating back to ancient times, two mountains of jinxing humanities.Here the Qinling Mountain meandering, the Loess Plateau majestic open;Here is a rich culture, history and culture accumulation, is a unique entrepreneurial blessing – Gansu Gangu.(1) Gangu, an ancient historical and cultural city, is located in the middle and upper reaches of the Weihe River in the southeast of Gansu Province. The county covers a total area of 1,572 square kilometers and has a total population of 640,000. It is one of the important birthplace of the Chinese nation.In 688 BC, The State of Qin set up Ji County here, which is the beginning of county governance in China. So far, it has a history of 2,710 years of county construction, and enjoys the reputation of “The first County in China”.Fuxi, the ancestor of humanity, opened the sky and enlightened the road here, and Shi Zuoshu, a disciple of Confucius, cultivated civilization here.Emperor Wudi of han dynasty set up prefectures here.Shu Han general Jiang Wei from here, the achievements of a magnificent life;Kansai teacher gong Jianfeng stepped into the Forbidden City from here, respected as a generation of imperial teacher;The red Army of workers and peasants crossed the Valley five times and sowed revolutionary seeds all the way.Since ancient times, Gan Gu has worshiped literature and education.In recent years, more than 6000 students are trained and transported to colleges and universities every year. Ganu is striding forward from a big education county to a strong education county in the whole province.(2) Gan Gu has a deep plot of industrial development.During the construction period of the third line, a large number of industrial enterprises such as Ganu electric factory, ink factory and asbestos factory were planned and built.After the reform and opening up, the development of building materials, clothing, shoes and hats, energy chemicals, agricultural and sideline products processing four pillar industries, “Desert” hemp shoes listed in the well-known trademark.”Difference” period, according to the “strong bibcock, chain, cluster”, vigorously develop industrial clusters, to create ji city industrial park, green building materials industrial park, panan industrial park, grape agricultural products deep processing industrial park, the south mountain area of new energy industry base, to build up a “garden a area four base” clustering development platform.The county’s industrial development is in full swing, is building 250 megawatt wind power projects on the southern grassland;Huaneng Gangu Power Plant is listed as standby power source for emergency peak regulation in the province.Take the lead in the province to create poverty alleviation workshop, the transformation and upgrading of rural employment factory hoof fast and steady, Hengyuan shoes, 0938 clothing development into Tianshui footwear, clothing chain main enterprise, Hengyuan shoes company “Tianheng Xingyuan” “Yatailei” and other independent brand products are exported to Britain, the United States, Japan and other countries.Jerry 100,000 tons of lithium ion battery anode material project construction, for the county’s industrial development into a new vitality.(3) Gandu is an important birthplace of Chinese agricultural civilization, where nomadic civilization and agricultural civilization meet and merge, and has won the reputation of the Hometown of hot pepper, The hometown of Chinese prickly ash and the hometown of apple.In recent years, in accordance with the development ideas of the whole industrial chain of strengthening the leading, expanding the base, making the brand sound and activating the sales, and with the creation of provincial modern agricultural industrial park as the entry point, the weihe River facility vegetable production demonstration base and two hundred-mile forest fruit corridor in the northern and southern mountains have been built.With a view to building a demonstration base for cold and dry “sweet taste” agricultural products, the “four major” projects, namely, improving the quality and quality of vegetable industry, expanding the quantity and efficiency of animal husbandry industry, and improving the standardization of authentic Chinese medicinal materials, have been accelerated to promote the transformation from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture.(4) GanGu county rich in tourism resources and numerous cultural relics, the long culture, native of natural resources, to which nearly gave the brigade fusion feature of amorous feelings, there are more than 30 scenic spots, especially in the national 4 a level scenic spots like mountain is most famous, chisel shakyamuni Buddha statue in the northern wei dynasty, makeup in the tang dynasty, is the only a statue of Buddha in the tang dynasty of weihe river basin;The excavation of Maojiaping site promoted the chronology of Qin culture to the Western Zhou Dynasty.Gupo grassland has the best medium and low wind speed in the province, and Jianshan Temple Forest Park is an ideal place for agriculture and health integration, tourism and leisure.Featured tourism products such as pepper, hemp shoes, Chinese prickly pepper, spine-animal, wood carving and paper cutting are booming. Shoes and hats independently designed by Yapeng Hemp Weaving Company have become the only non-heritage products in northwest China to enter the Sales platform of the Palace Museum. Cultural tourism industry has become a new growth point of gandu’s economic development.(5) Gangu, an important commercial port on the ancient Silk Road, was known as “Tea-horse City” in song Dynasty and “Home of business Travel” in Ming Dynasty.The industrious and brave people of Gangu have a fine tradition of doing business. Trade and logistics has become the first industry in Gangu.Gangu is located in the central nodes of Xi ‘an and Lanzhou. Longhai Railway, Lianhuo Expressway and National Road 310 will run through the east and west. Jingli Expressway transit section will be launched soon, laying a solid foundation for further prosperous development of commerce and trade industry.The county now has 53 markets of all kinds, 522 large transportation and sales households, and more than 100,000 business employees, with footprints all over the north and south of the Yangtze River, forming “Gangu Trade Street” in Chengdu, Urumqi, Xining, Xizang and other places, and the county’s trade and logistics industry has stepped to a new level.(6) Ganguu County has an area of 260 square kilometers, which is one of the largest counties in Gansu Province;Gangu County is abundant in labor, with 110,000 workers leaving for work every year.In recent years, the county party Committee and the county government are committed to creating a business-friendly, prosperous, safe and happy business environment, vigorously implementing water, electricity and road capacity expansion and quality improvement projects, supporting and improving the gangrui Flow Park, Jicheng Industrial Park, green Building materials Industrial Park, modern agriculture demonstration park infrastructure, actively building investment platform;Follow project “elements” sound guarantee mechanism, strengthen every link of the whole process of project implementation services, from the aspects such as land, finance, project and information has staged a series of preferential policies, for key investment project comprehensively implements one-stop office, nanny service, successively investments built trade city in zhejiang province, the large underground mall, what words can send wind, etc. A large number of investment projects.The valley is ours, it is yours, it is everyone’s.Ganu urgently needs development, development looks forward to ganu.Up to 10 billion people use the valley’s largest commercial district, up to 10 billion yuan ($1 billion), and up to 10 billion yuan ($1 billion). Up to 10 billion yuan ($1 billion) are expected to enter the valley by monthly mobile AD Petra kruse, up to 10 billion yuan ($1 billion).Welcome to Ganu!Editor: Yang Yanru Responsible editor: Wang Cunlu author/source: Tianshui Gangu issued a statement: copyright belongs to the original, reprint this article is for the purpose of passing more information.If there is a source marked wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact this network, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.